EMG 60-7
EMG 60-7
tjon901 07/31/2011

EMG 60-7 : tjon901's user review

« Odd choice for a 7 string pickup »

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The EMG 60 is a pretty outdated pickup nowadays but it is interesting that they have decided to make a 7 string version of it. Making a 7 string version of a pickup means you think super modern guitar players will use the pickup in their guitars. The only reason I think that they would do it is for the people who are still using it in their 6 strings who want the identical setup in their 7 strings. The 60 was introduced to fill a gap in the line of EMG pickups. EMG pickups with all their output and active preamps were known for not having the best clean tones. The 60 was designed with a clean tone in mind. It does not have the output and high gain tendencies of most of the other EMG pickups. It also provides a good bluesy tone but I do not think many 7 string players care about such things. Djent players may care about the clean tone a bit but most of them use high end modelers that can make anything sound good. I am quite surprised EMG decided to make this pickup. With 7 strings gaining popularity it is not hard to find a good 7 string pickup that can do both great high gain stuff and have a great clean tone. One major problem with EMG's 7 string pickups is that they are in bass guitar pickup chassis so they require a proprietary routing to use them. So you either have to cut into your guitar to install them or if your guitar came with them from the factory you are pretty much stuck as you cant really put any other pickup brand in your guitar. There are plenty of semi-custom pickup makers making great 7 string pickups nowadays like Bare Knuckles or Lungren. If you want an EMG that is just good for clean tones or maybe you are just use to having the EMG 60 in your guitar if this is what you need in your 7 string the EMG 60 should be your choice for a neck pickup.