EMG 707
nickname009 02/21/2012

EMG 707 : nickname009's user review


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I can't really recall WHEN I got this pickup but it was definitely quite a few years back when I was in the 7 string phase like most people were in the late 90s early millennium. I had a bought a used Ibanez S7420. Loved the damn thing, the neck was so comfortable it felt like I was playing a 6 string even though it was a 7 yet the pickups in it completely lacked. The cleans had little to no headroom and the distortion was fuzzy and unclear. In came the EMG707 pickup, what a game changer! The cleans were finally usable, and the dirty sounds were amazingly clear! Every note could be heard, and the distortion was thick but not muddy and there was just the right amount of compression to get all the notes to come out properly. I do believe the EMG707 is basically an 85 but calibrated for a 7 string, so tonally it should generally have the same soul, however since it's going in a 7 string guitar and you got the extra string etc everything changes anyway. Anyhoo, as I was saying, it bought my guitar back to life and I loved every minute of playing my 7 string afterwards. Whether it was just for clean passages or super heavy metal death-core type stuff with lots of chugging. I was able to get every type of sound I wanted from 707. I know now there are other models and variation of the 707 and I have not yet gotten the chance to try them and I’m sure there is an audible difference between them, maybe to guitar players but definitely not to the audience, so if it’s worth changing or not I leave that up to you. I’d say, why fix it if it ain’t broke?