Fishman V-100 Violin / Viola Pickup
Fishman V-100 Violin / Viola Pickup

V-100 Violin / Viola Pickup, Accessory for Bowed Instrument from Fishman.

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otison 11/19/2004

Fishman V-100 Violin / Viola Pickup : otison's user review


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I bought a few years ago for my violin, it's not terrible, unless you thoroughly equalizer signal. is not a true micro piezo is the sound of an o rather nasal.

you should rather look at the micro AudioTechnica ATM35 is a true condenser microphone, and therefore consquent, placing it well, will give a much better sound than piezo. now is the one I use for the violin, it is convenient (very small micro system mounted on a gooseneck + clip to attach the mentoniere)