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Catalina(48), Renown(19)
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Gretsch Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Gretsch Catalina Birch

    Gretsch Catalina Birch - yéhan's review


    I have used it for a year drumkit-excellent for the price, I have not try all prs crnaux in this mid-range and frankly I think it's the best, since the normal drums are birch! At this price is nothing else! I would even say it sounds as good as Sta…

  • Gretsch Renown Maple

    Gretsch Renown Maple - Mob1977's review


    I possde this drumkit for 2 years. The quality of wood is excellent. A small BMOL for fittings should be stainless Entrena well. I prfr black. Anyway ... I use it to play rock: Led Zep, Floyd, Deep Purple, Red Hot ... With some incursions funk and …

  • Gretsch Catalina Elite

    Gretsch Catalina Elite - yggdrasil77's review


    I use this drumkit for nearly 4 years and I'm not near me spare. Toms suspended (not perc) is an advantage over the quality of sustain and rsonnance. Beware of varnish which is rather fragile (or to a point below). For about a little over 1000 you …

  • Gretsch Renown Maple

    Gretsch Renown Maple - blizzar's review


    I have this drumkit for a while now and I always follow ossi content. I counsel all those who want to buy a good drumkit. …

  • Gretsch Renown Maple

    Gretsch Renown Maple - studiodhorlebaix's review


    I've had 30 months and I love it. It's a super nice and super good drumkit. I bought it without snare because I had a Yamaha "Vinnie Colaiuta". It takes a little patience to control its tuning and with 5 points of tension, it is even harder. But af…

  • Gretsch Catalina Birch

    Gretsch Catalina Birch - seboon_ekho's review


    I have this drumkit for almost a year and a half and I am very happy. The sound is very good and really fit what I wanted. I had the opportunity to test two batteries in this range and the sound was really different! I bein to vary the tension of…

  • Gretsch Renown Maple

    Gretsch Renown Maple - itsmi21's review


    I use it for four months. Very very good drumkit, very warm sound, a drumkit that fits for tt type of games. I have not had the test OCCAZ up with the snare. the value for money, it's a very very good drum for the price compared to models of co…

  • Gretsch Catalina Club 18''

    Gretsch Catalina Club 18'' - gojul's review


    Superb drumkit for lovers of his Gretsch. Version 18 "less restrictive than the 16": it is not just that jazz, and can all agree that the musician, working alone or in group play. Report quality / price excellent: a drumkit a reasonable price for …

  • Gretsch black hawk

    Gretsch black hawk - reno_ts's review


    I have this drumkit for a month now, and I must say that this is a great little drumkit. I bought it as a second drumkit for my pearl is at mlon scratch, and I think I'll even rennoncer a snare and the bass of the pearl so that the sound is terrible!…

  • Gretsch Chrome Over Brass

    Gretsch Chrome Over Brass - batteur_of_flamby's review


    I use it a year and a half depui -Strength: The Aesthetics (Fully chrome), tone, rsonnance "I tried several before MODEL, especially in Pearl, but it remains my prfre Report qualitprix trs-satisfactory -Without hsitation if I reselect a snare…