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Gretsch Acoustic Drums user reviews

  • Gretsch black hawk

    Gretsch black hawk - projectgigi's review


    - How long have you use it? 4 months - What is so special that you like most and least? The best: the snare and bass drum have a cool sound. The least: hardware fragile, broken seat after some months, pedal gc not very strong, which tends to…

  • Gretsch New Classic  Fusion 22"

    Gretsch New Classic Fusion 22" - venom's review


    I only got the chance to do a concert, and I just tell you this is by far the best drumkit on which I played. it has a sound of thunder (is that the coating inside the "Silver Sealer" is giving her incredible ???...) Sparkle finish is perfect, the …

  • Gretsch 14x5 Maple

    Gretsch 14x5 Maple - llados's review


    I use it for 3 days. Ds that I tried to shop, I thought it sounded good. I compared a Artwood and a black panther. Well, it is best (my taste). It is prcise, clear, powerful without being aggressive, sensitive and has a beautiful grain. In short,…

  • Gretsch Catalina Ash Fusion 22'"

    Gretsch Catalina Ash Fusion 22'" - Romain darbon's review


    Hello I possde this model for less than a month in red, blue as available but no regrets because the color is much more beautiful (there are lgerement darker wood) in person than in the picture o it appears red ferrari what I like most is the bass…

  • Gretsch 14x5 Maple

    Gretsch 14x5 Maple - staier's review


    I confirm! I had this snare, used nine state for six months. the trs is a particularity good sensitivity to the bearings is great, circles pan on a crate is not too CHRE apprciable. I have several boxes in addition to this, as stocky, birch, copp…

  • Gretsch Chrome Over Brass

    Gretsch Chrome Over Brass - the wait's review


    I use this model for about 8 / 10 years it sounds hard, but still easy enough slap calm (very quietly impressive inside) cc as I play with either free floating pearl 6.5 / sonor 2000 / brass or over, it depends where you play really. as its na…

  • Gretsch USA Maple UDF824 Fusion 22"

    Gretsch USA Maple UDF824 Fusion 22" - deejay paulo's review


    I would like to respond to the previous opinion. It is true that each drumkit has its flaws. Gretsch is my favorite brand And after long reflection, I think I found a few flaws, the fact that it comes with skins is a really crappy, and that the fast…

  • Gretsch Blackhawk Standard 22"

    Gretsch Blackhawk Standard 22" - baboule79's review


    I would say the drumkit is always just fine qelle quantity is the well-settled "that ki certe demende a while we get a beautiful thing For my part n not loving the sound of tom jai put remo ambassador transparent in resonance and remo pinstripe s…

  • Gretsch Mighty Mini Steel Snare 8"

    Gretsch Mighty Mini Steel Snare 8" - Nimajneb's review


    A model non-standard! So unique ... A high-pitched note of trs when the skin is taut! A sound that tortures a little eardrums ... in other words, despite its small size trs, the Dcibel are beautiful & well-l! Without the patch, the sound is so…

  • Gretsch Catalina Maple Fusion 22"

    Gretsch Catalina Maple Fusion 22" - Plenacoste's review


    It's one month-I use this drumkit -A huge sound for a low price (the maple that price! Never seen that!), Belle coulleur, Gibraltar Hardware calitée good (Gaisser SIMPATIE kick pedal;)), when the drumkit is new, skins are changer.Seul problem, the…