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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Ibanez AEL20E

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 3 reviews30 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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MGR/Brad Wicks11/05/2002

MGR/Brad Wicks's review"Ibanez AEL20DTBS"

Ibanez AEL20E
I ordered this guitar from since the store didn't have any in stock. I payed around 400 dollars for this beauty. I had initially planned to buy a 4-string Ibanez Acoustic bass in black finish, but was conviced otherwise since I could do more with a guitar. A wise choice indeed.

Where to start, where to start... This guitar is the most beautiful peice of work I have ever held, when it comes to guitars. The Transparent Blue Suburst high gloss finish is a sight to behold. Very, very beautiful... Sexy, even. The whole package is great. The pick up is awesome, the EQ is very nice and gives you many options, and the woods are very warm and soft in feel. Again, this is a very beautiful guitar, everything about it is nice. The sound is awesome, it's very warm and clear. this guitar, overall, is top-of-the-line, if you ask me.

The only problem I had with this guitar, was that the finish chips easily. But then again, that's what it's like with all high gloss finished guitars, so it really isn't a problem unless you're clumbsy and drop your guitar a lot. The battery buzzes inside when you finger pick hard, but that can easily be fixed with a new battery. (I never replaced the factory battery :| )This guitar is a work of art, and there is virtually nothing wrong with it.

The construction and quality of this guitar is superb. I have no complaints, and can only say that this guitar is a work of art.

If you're serious in playing the guitar, buy this. If you're not serious, buy this. As expensive as it may be for an acoustic guitar, it is worth it.

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Dahn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A try before you buy but excellent guitar."

Ibanez AEL20E
Has a knob with equal volume, but I advise to resolve it directly on the amp (ideally the table) because the Equal allows some adjustments but no real substance. The microphone is of good quality and well made, great potential but is intended more specifically for "small organizations" type small concert halls, bars, home studio. The finish of the guitar is clean, the colors I have is superb. However, I see a certain fragility of the varnish. A guitar that care must be taken and fault either by choice, it is obligation.


Very pleasant to use and ergonomic. Original strings recess change not to cut your fingers. The handle is soft and has no free edges, which gives comfort to some games. Note that the box is just "huge" so when sitting, if you are a small size, you can hide behind. Access to acute relatively easy but given its sound is still most often at maximum upper midrange (for me).


The sound is very clear, open and bright. Perfect for any type of folk and unplugged. Very nice sound from low to upper midrange, treble going well but the guitar is very bright, it sometimes verges a little aggression (your point of view). Preference for playing without an amp.


Use for 6 years. Often compared to me with a Cort same category. Cort absolutely do not support the comparison. His bass drum is very nice and makes a powerful sound. Just a wide range of gaming power available and excellent sound reproduction at all levels. Although it is not capricious, it is sensitive to temperature, I recommend a tuner still in the pocket and a strong case for transportation.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" also need some information!"

Ibanez AEL20E
and good j bought my ibanez ael, it scratches very well, but being my first guitar electro I do not know What is the snap; phase (shame on me, believe the good!) above that have tried to electro, I have great run this button, the sound does not move! then?
thank you for your response!
Other than that, it is really excellent, with no tuner, certainly the previous model that came out with built-in tuner;
sound, even in sound is very good, well made with serious already well and a small problem, I find neenmoins, I find it a bit heavy and not very good hand hold, say uncomfortable (even notice previously mentioned! ) has a cause of too much cash, here's .. a bientot!
the handle can be a bit too wide? blah ... blah!


So the weight a little too heavy!

handle well! the problem without access to acute
the sound is easy, because the guitar is sensitive;
box too large


style blues, it is very very good!
non-folk, rock, yes, I have the amp connected to an acoustic Berhinger, very good!


still good, especially blues, and c is the reason why I had bought!
I have bought the second hand with a cover! ras!
francky 6211/12/2006

francky 62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AEL20E
A micro nut I think


The handle is very comfortable and the height of the strings is really ideal to play soon
sound is pure enough especially connected to an amplifier and access to sharp is easy with the cutaway


Yes it suits me very well for the support I have connected an amplifier 65watts and sherwood carlbro quality b-band preamp is really the height ...

it shows a very clean with his enormous bass



1 months I try to takamine electro but I think it's a bit much and also the reputation that Yamaha was not bad but out of my budget
value for money is really good
do it again if I would resume the same
The only thing I did not like it's the strings (D'Addario) I have changed by martin extra light

Phyletsab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AEL20E
See product manufacturer is more complete, but what she's beautiful .....


I just receive it and played it all day, and it is sublime for less than 400 euros was a work of art that plays perfectly. I go to a takamine yet more expensive but much more difficult a ring. there's all sweetness and power shine through your fingers the preamp is great (there are certainly better but it's good) I play a ibanez troubadour 35 watts and it sounded better result with the takamine clearer it looks like the amp is made for this guitar. against black spot by 359 euros to the pound you IBANEZ cardboard!! do not push a bag should not cost them very dear, I bought a bass two years ago a gsr 200 worth less than the AEL20E but there was the cover .... will include charles.bref I stop typing on the keys off again and I play my beautiful .....


Everything mentioned above


I like it and it will last ......

El_ré's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez AEL20E
Sycamore flaming table, back and Clis in stocky, round in saddle and rosewood fingerboard.
Micans are the oil bath and have a good performance trs agree.
The microphone is a piezo Fishman Nut trs as well made by a second fully electronic Ibanez surprising by its ffective.
The handle is round, quite late at the end ... the only action BMOL just a little high but my taste is pretty frquent in folk guitars (and a passage in the luttier Pipelines Limited) ...


The handle is very enjoyable (if not the matter of action, but it is the habit of speaking electric ...). CHAC is relatively easy to acute thanks to the cutaway.
The bars sound alone, and the sound is very accurate.
The body, it's jumbo (but definitely not mini), so it is quite large but still comfortable trs.


A vacuum is trs sound clear and crystal-clear prcis enough (and that's all what I was looking !!!). The bass is also quite soft and Submitted.
A faith branch, another world opens you! This time, all the sound you open the grace of marriage exclent Fishman and electronic ibanez: you can have a trs trs soft blues at its very s clear and crystal-clear perfect accompaniments or arpeggios! Also the sound is trs prcis without parasite: a rgal!


I use it for six months, but when purchasing I had the opportunity to test a lot of scrapes, including more expensive MODELS! What sduit my home is faith's most versatile and cot his big cot personalis look: in fact for that price it has a look of Enfert (I've taken vintage violin) trs and a good finish ...
In addition, the sound continues to dvelopper, which is the guarantee of a good quality guitar!
If c'tait again, I do it again exactly the same choice, except that I will do it before!: I was looking for a skyscraper in 700euros and finally I have is that the price, and I do not regret it!