Sound Kitz SK AE-F Legato Dynamic Vocal Booth
Sound Kitz SK AE-F Legato Dynamic Vocal Booth

SK AE-F Legato Dynamic Vocal Booth, Vocal Booth/Acoustic Enclosure from Sound Kitz.

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Tip: Using The Soundkitz Legato Vocal Booth

By Soundkitz Acoustics on 11/15/2015 - (Anyone)


The AE-F Legato Vocal Booth is capable of performing its functions with or without the adjustable ceiling panel installed. As with its predecessors the Soundkitz Legato can also be used in the same style of the AE-F and AE-F PRO Acoustic systems. How you choose to customize your setup is left to your recording desires.


The Legato Vocal Booth is designed as a sound recording solution that can be used in almost any environment thanks to new level of acoustic innovation. Weighing in at under 7lbs complete the Legato Vocal Booth is light enough to be transported and carried easily to recording engagements or can be broken down and stored when not in use. The included Soundkitz microphone adapter allows for the filter to be removed from the base of a microphone stand while still retaining the microphone in place. Essentially the entire unit can be pre assembled for quick studio setups and speedy take downs.

For more info on the AEF Legato Vocal Booth Please visit SKvocalbooth - AEF Legato for more info.


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