Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m
Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m

Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m, Acoustic Piano from Wendl & Lung.

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jaypici 11/30/2006

Wendl & Lung Schönbrun 1/4 1,78m : jaypici's user review


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I was looking for a C3 of a Japanese brand that rgne in the interim ...
I found that opportunities overestimated and / or somewhat fatigues (the pros love their piano, so they chtient well). I even agreed to go try and Petrov Kawai ...
Stumbled upon this incredible promotion in nine MODEL (9990), I mfi of my enthusiasm (I'm trs Jazz and my children have taken the full course of conservative), I ' did test the next day by a piano teacher.
Great sound from top to bottom, and a nice touch prcis, everything, everything, I tell you!
There remains the argument of lack of experience in the hard (that what I was told when I bought my first Yamaha in 1969) ... it might as well see its price rise by 65% ​​in the next two years.
It now living NRTEE o it sounds wonderful.
The MODEL below (161 cm) also seems well made but has a more "Pleyel", less "Steinway" ... I do not gots AIM case