A7X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the ADAM A7X

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 19 reviews )
 13 reviews68 %
 3 reviews16 %
Audience: Advanced users
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stompboxjon's review"Clean sounding monitors"

The ADAM Audio A7X is a powered monitor that is not only affordable but it has a great sound. You can do just about anything with these monitors from mixing and mastering to listening and creating with them. Each separate driver on these monitors has its own control, on the front of the monitor there is a power switch and a volume knob. On the back of them there are controls for high frequencies and filters for low frequencies. You can use these monitors with RCA cables or XLR cables.


I first heard about the A7X when I was in Guitar Center just looking around, I started looking the section where the monitors where and heard these. I was not there to buy monitors at the time but there was no doubt that these stuck out to me. About two weeks later, I went back and purchased them.


The sound is very flat, and they are perfect for mixing and mastering. The only complaint that I would have with them is that the bass is not thick enough for me. To everyone else they may be perfect but I like to have more bass in my monitors (even when mixing). But that is not the big of a deal because I have not heard many studio monitors that have a good bass response without having a sub hooked up.
These monitors are affordable and sound great right out of the box on all types of music. They have slanted corners on both sides to help with reflections making them great for near field monitoring applications. The tweeter is 50W and the mid woofer is 11W. I have been using these monitors on different projects since the winter of 2010 and they still sound great and look brand new. ADAM also offers great protection plans and warranties for a great price.

Adrien_mix_you's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Wouhouuu!"

everything you need!

power button in the front! yeah!
adjustment of volume in the front also

Sufficient connectivity XLR, RCA.

SETTINGS High Shelf, Low Shelf and Twitter level at the rear to correct defects such as sound parts


Accurate, neutral, spaced powerful Punchy ..




More seriously, if you want to spend good monitor speakers to 1000 € the pair (a little less even bought Bundled with Thomann on foot € 980 I think) they are perfect, they are the best for this budget.

exotica's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fantastic"

I wanted studio monitor adapting to the place where I make music room 17m2, I use it for mixing and listening to CD, I have connected to a Yamaha AW 2816 (shortly I would pass on an audio interface).
So on these points that is exactly what I expected.


Yes it sounds neutral.
The dynamic is very good.
Listening to Beethoven's 9th close your eyes and you have the Berlin Philharmonic in front of you.
The stereo image is perfect. It is wide is accurate.
The sound is clear is clear. Perfect for mixing hears everything that is happening.
The small retail, small saturations and especially to correct any defect means.
You can spend several hours on it without straining your ears.
Perfect for Rock, Soul, Funk, Jazz and even classical, to what is hip-hop or electro those who want big bass worthy of a dance floor may need to take the sub -woofer, I feel the need to.

To monitor are perfect for mixing or listening, it generates a max low or high volume, without becoming mush.

These are the corrections I made.
A filter to cut some small infra-low risk of saturation.
Slight increase in the low mids.
I also down a bit high frequencies directly on the A7X.
It took 5 minutes
The sound of these monitor are amazing, you can go for without thinking too much you will not be disappointed.


I use them for a month and it gives me the highest customer satisfaction, I can mix my improved significantly.
Yes I had Yamaha MSP-10, Tannoy, the Alesis (it burned out after 3 weeks).
These are Adam that gives me the most pleasure and are less expensive than I had. (Go figure).
So yes I remake this choice, but I recommend them to anyone.

Season)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very nice purchase"

I was looking for studio monitor with a very good price / quality ratio.
My main criteria were the accuracy of course, but also aesthetically pleasing sound (all speakers are not for all ears) and longevity.

These speakers were recommended to me by several friends who have a good level in mix / mastering. I went to a specialty store, I tried 5 or 6 pairs of speakers during 2x2h, and I eventually went home with them.

At the config, they are plugged into a computer music environment on a Focusrite sound card. The aim is initially looking for her, and then mix / mastering.


Excellent response, crystalline highs (the ribbon thank you), good dynamics and stereo imaging with a very good record.

Note a slight shrinkage of the low frequencies, this is not a surprise, but nothing really embarrassing for me. Know your speakers to be able to mix properly with, and it does not happen in two weeks.


I use them for about a year now.

I would not compare, it's my first studio monitors, and separate rapid tests with friends or in store, I have not had the opportunity to make a real comparative review.

Still, only after the fact, that I will ever choose without hesitation the quality / price ratio for this range is undoubtedly one of the best on the market.

eferalgant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" real speakers to work!"

having made a school or in addition to its main studio (equipped with Adam S3A) tt the boxes were equipped with adam a5 I quickly realized the difference in clarity with my prodipe pro5 I had then to age . After being able to compare the three models in the AX Series my store was chosen on the model "7" which provided enough power and the model was the most balanced of the range (too low on A8X and not enough on A5X). 2 weeks after this test I found an ad near me selling the pair 600 euros so I did not hesitate!

I use them with a Digi002 for recording, mixing and mastering at times.


to be honest it took me several months to really know them and master them. I mixed for 2 years on their default malgrès prodipe and I knew them so much that I adapted my mix accordingly. The Adam are quite neutral although the treble bcp stand out more than any system lambda (tape) my first exports were missing so often cymbals, it is the same for low, I recommend a sub to control time time what is really going to 30/40/50hz.

stereo image is excellent, the sound is very clear, we understand quickly what is wrong in the mix. Provided the sound is not "cold" or "sterile" and they are very pleasant listening.


10 months of use, after a rough start I am very happy, I can go further in my mixes with the prodipe. The price / quality ratio is very good. I have not had the opportunity to test other speakers in this price range but I think it is a purchase with no surprises. I would do the same choice if I test out the focal solo6be or a pair of Genelec in the same price range, just out of curiosity.
Side Key02/09/2012

Side Key's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The sound ADAM"

-What characteristics have motivated your choice?
The reputation of the brand. I knew someone who had a pair of A5 which I fell in love at the time.
So I decided to take the step in 2010 with the new arrivals to know A7X.

For what purpose?
Mainly for mixing, mastering and post production video.

What configuration? ...
Connected via an RME FireFace800 TRS outputs with XLR connector.


The frequency curve is sufficiently neutral?
Serious. These speakers are very neutral and accurate.
The first listening may seem "gaudy" and uncomfortable with the ribbon tweeter but we made it fast enough.
To overcome the problem, I reduce it to a few decibels the volume of the tweeter in order to have a more natural (less plastic). Otherwise it has a good chance that your mix / master sorely lacks treble

The stereo is good?
Excellent. I am a composer and arranger of the song in any kind. I love tweaking "bassline" with NI massive and it is at this point that one realizes that the quality of the boxes. Playing on different phases of oscillations becomes a breeze.

The sound is clear and precise across the spectrum?
More accurate you die. Any default mixer is audible. Something unlikely with a pair of yamaha ... They are very analytical which can disrupt your first mixes.

The dynamics are respected? ...


How long you use it?
I ordered my pair of A7X the first month of the official release.
Ie 2 years now.

What is so special that you love the most, least?
- The sound and crystal clear
- The surgical precision
- The setting of the volume and power switch on the front
- The ribbon tweeter / the cone carbon and fiberglass
- The Look
The least
- No digital input

Did you tried many other models before buying it?
Serious. Mackie, Tannoy, Focal, Fostex ...

How would you rate the quality / price?

With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Yes your eyes closed. Although I buy a pair S3X-H
The Dark Judge12/31/2011

The Dark Judge's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 100% satisfaction - I love"

Discovered during the SATIS 2009, I could not part with my NS-10 ... but this year I finally made my decision.

honeycomb ribbon tweeter mounted by hand, massive body and releasing two évenst enough bass for my room, I am pleasantly surprised at not having to pay more than 1 dB bass and the treble 2dB .

Sufficiently large to avoid having to place a silicone grip underneath, the finish is the appointment. Button on / off and volume front, to combine the simplicity and performance effectively.


I left my vinyl turn of Mozart's Requiem for 3 days with a volume that is placed before the 75% max ... on each speaker. Next sound card I left the volume to 30% on my Audiobox 1818VSL ... and there, I do have a confession to make: it's breath away !!!!!!!!!

Well, spent three days running minimum, I started to listen a few pieces and open a few projects in Reason or Cubase ... I like it very much to hear a sound as clean and fine. The detailed high frequencies is really surprising and I do not even explain what the media tell me ... for those familiar with the NS-10, they know I have to change the world ... even if the NS-10 speakers are that it is imperative to have and master mix to ensure that all happen.

Honestly, even music lovers should buy these speakers, which are worth less than the pseudo Hi-Fi quality but give her a power and quality and with a return far exceeding the JBL, BOSE or the other out CABASSE price ...

Dynamic side, all my components and what I hear seems to be refunded 100% of what is original ... when the stereo is perfect.


3 weeks of use now and I know that I regret a single thing:

not having bought sooner!

pierro-6's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Close to "unbeatable"

I was looking for a pair of monitors in the price range of 500/600 Euros to replace HS50 monitors.
Basically, I first had the A5x, the little sisters. They are at home next to a wall on my desk. The acoustics of the room is not far from being crap at the moment, I still have some work to do to limit the negative effects. They are connected to a Motu Ultralite hybrid, on a PC running Win7. I use it both for production/mixing and hi-fi. I can not afford to push them on a regular basis because of the neighbors, but clearly that the power potential is striking. Technically speaking, they have a lot of appeal:
nearly flawless frequency response (42hz/50khz), solid power (75/150w), space-saving ergonomic connection options, front vents (a real plus when you place the monitors against a wall), an elegant design, a 5 year warranty, etc, etc.


But it is for their sound that I have chosen these speakers. I think, and it's completely subjective, that they are above the rest.
The sound is crystal clear, the small lack of precision in the lower medium that a lot of people have noticed is not a problem the moment you take that into account and as long as you can work to refine certain frequency bands with headphones (personally it never really bothered me)
The bass performance is really nice, clearly not straight but not inflated either a la Krk or Prodipe - rather reasonable and enjoyable.
The stereo image is by far what impressed me the most, good god the precision and width! What a blast!
One flaw, though: some kind of spitting in the woofers when I throw in high volume lows, which does not sound like distortion but rather vibrations of the rigid membranes. The problem does not arise when you're listening to a CD at high volume, only during work sessions with no bassline filters, etc. I was surprised to reach that limit so quickly.
I produce Techno and Electro House, and the problem disappears on its own little by little as you use the system.


Home Studio gave me a good discount on it, I bought them in December 2010.
I had a chance to compare them to the KrK Vtx6, the A5x, the BM6, the 8020, the HS80, and some Tannoy models I forgot the name of. I owned HS50 models before these. They're in every way better than all the competing models.
The specific feature I like most? I would say the stereo width and impeccable clarity. The cons? I do not really know .. to quibble, that weakness in the very lows at the beginning.
At 800 euros a pair, I would choose them again without a second thought as the difference with their competitors is so obvious!
Thank you Adam!

Brubao's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" wonderful ..."

Purchased as a principal listening speaker in the studio where I work. The BM6 that I have been using for nearly 10 years were relegated to the second board.


It's amazing how technology (amps and transducers) have evolved over the past ten years! In any case Adam set the bar very high with the A7X (quality and price/quality ratio).

They feature precision, sharpness and balance that I could not have imagined (especially at this price). Whether in relation to the dynamics (which I rediscovered in a new light altogether), the stereo mode (placement of sounds in space and stunning tonal plans) or the spectral balance (very precisely balanced, very linear, neither flattering nor hollow).

In fact what's good is that I feel that I have access to the sounds as real sound objects and not as different sound aspects (spectrum, dynamics, stereo).

Listening to a wide variety of reference mixes, I can almost hear the gear that was used (instruments and sound recording), I can determine very precisely everything the guy did to the mix (intentions and processings) and even the mastering is very readable. It's crazy!

I understand the problem in my mixes or the sound material to be mixed and when I hear what it can result in, it will really push me further into production work.


So this is a very good tool, that connects you directly to the underlying production work of the music you're listening to! Though not flattering, they let you hear things hidden in the sounds with a precision I had never experienced before.

I've been working with BM6 monitors for almost 10 years. Their unflattering characteristics always pushed me to try to make it sound even better than what I was getting (I was never happy).

And with recordings I would always think "ok, it's normal if the recording doesn't kick as with these speakers, I will have to make sure that the mix sounds good on them, so clients will be happy listening to it on any other piece of equipment."

It's so nice to be able to draw pleasure from listening to what I'm working on while at the same time being pushed to go further!

SeanT's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"That's the Adam sound!"

The key technical characteristic that motivated my choice was obviously the reputation of Adam's ribbon tweeter. X-art does wonders. I also like the EQ settings, well focused and useful depending on the room.

I use the Adam A7X exclusively for studio monitoring. Composition and mixing. I'm currently more or less pleased with its performance.


The frequency curve is more or less neutral. At this price point, it's very decent. However, it is necessary in my opinion to add a subwoofer, especially for electronic music. You also have to have good acoustic conditions!

The pros: The higher end of the spectrum is transparent, beautifully reproduced.
The frequencies that take a step back on my headphones (between 3 and 8 kHz) are reproduced with surgical precision on my Adam A7X monitors. A plus for a good mix.

The downside (I think the materials used for the woofer are to blame, but also the high number of channels) is lower midrange definition. It is difficult to hear the smaller details (saturation, distortion, grain) of a bass. I am forced to go and use a headset to be sure of the result. However when you're used to this flaw, this is no big deal. And in this price range, I think no speaker can do better. The definition of lows is excellent and very precise.

The stereo image is breathtaking. On my first listen, I really thought that the sounds would pierce the walls. Compared to the BX8a, there is not a second of doubt, the result is startling.

The dynamics seems respected. Much more than on other speakers.


After 1 ½ month of use, I am greatly satisfied with these speakers. This is Adam quality!
Previously I did a lot of mixing on Krk RP6 and RP8. It's not there at all, it lacks that little character with the lows and the detail for highs and stereo. I've also tested Yamaha (HS80M) models. The sound does not please me at all, too "garish'' compared to this one, and it is hugely lacking in the lows.

The feature I like the least: The lower midrange. But in my opinion, whether it's Dynaudio, Genelec (which I tried in a store), it's the same issue. The details of the lower midrange are not up to my expectations. But the sound is still striking. What a pleasure to listen to things such as Board Of Canada or Hans Zimmer. The brass for example are reflected beautifully!

The quality/price ratio is excellent! In retrospect, I would choose this again, but only for nearfield listening.
In the future I would rather go for 3-way models (S3X).