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Focal SM9

Thread Comments about the review: The Mighty Giants

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Topic Comments about the review: The Mighty Giants
The Mighty Giants
Watch out! Last year the renowned French manufacturer famous for its mid-field monitors introduced a new monitoring system aimed at the most demanding users. Available for several months now, it was impossible for us to ignore what the Focal SM9 have to say.

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I note you say that you placed mic in the middle of the room.

No matter how well treated this would be a null point on length and width room mode (and possibly the height one too if the mic was equidistant from floor to ceiling) so as a point of measurement it's the likely worst in the room.

This may explain the dip in the frequency response something over 100 hz .

"the middle" is not the perfect definition to explain where we put the mic but in fact it can explain the 100Hz dip.
We put it at the listener's spot (which in this case may not be the perfect place - it changed after :). I also know the room is not perfect however.
These measurements are just provided to give an "idea" of how things can sound. It's not done with the most accurate tools (but with tools that any home studio amateur can acquire) and must not be taken as a "reference".
Thank you for your consideration :)