RP8 G2, Active Monitor from KRK in the Rokit Powered G2 series.

niafron 11/01/2012

KRK RP8 G2 : niafron's user review

" Not disappointed."

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Bought it over two years ago in my favorite music store (Redline Neuchatel) I chose this article because I need two pre-amplified speaker capable of reproducing sound quality and bass that " tappent "really. Disappointed by the model of another brand lowest range I needed to turn up the volume too high to really feel what would become bad for my hearing.

I use to mix and listen mainly Dubstep, Reggae and Dub on vinyl. But also to listen to cds Rap, Goa, UK garage, mix ... watch videos from my computer.

The configuration used: mix table Ecler nuo 2 connected by two XLR to these two speakers (4 feet away), the sound from two turntables (Reloop MK6). Sometimes the sound comes from the computer with a jack output from the computer and connected to the mixer. But before you buy this mixer used (emergency) I had a midi controller with one of the jacks kidding now. Of course they restore what they are given, that is to say, with a good sound source is of course better.


The sound is in my opinion very good. People who listened were impressed by the quality of the reproduced sound as well as balance.

I once had two Fostex PM-0.4 are not in the same range, but not low enough for my tappaient use.

Regarding the frequency response, dynamics, stereo image but I do not know the sound is precise enough for my use. Make low especially well, no need to sub for me (8! ").


This will be two years that I use.

Before I owned a model Fostex 4 "rather than buying a sub I preferred to invest in these fora. I also tried a model of focal store, the sound was better, but of course the woofer smaller diameter and I had no money.
The feature I like most is its particularity to make powerful bass sound with balanced and accurate, which allows me to do without subwoofer (watch your neighbors anyway, mine do they leave very nice side there).

The feature that I like least is that they recreate the noise, because I do not have a good electrical installation they restore a slight noise unlike Fostex lowest range that I used instead but however I was told that it was a peculiarity of the speakers of good quality.

With experience and yes they they leave me for a reason that is foreign to them (lightning, crash etc) I will redeem them.