RCF Ayra Pro 5
RCF Ayra Pro 5

Ayra Pro 5, Active Monitor from RCF in the Ayra series.

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Christian Tapia 05/05/2020

RCF Ayra Pro 5 : Christian Tapia's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
This speaker has been a great discovery for my setup. I mainly use them for post production editing, but I also do music production and mixing. And I love to listen to music on good studio monitors. These are on the affordable side, nevertheless, they out perform more expensive models. I own JBL's lsr305 and Dybaudio bm5mkIII and the Ayras out perform them to my ears. The build quality is amazing. They have very little options to tweak the sound, I guess it's a compromise that comes with the low cost, but the sound out of the box is outstanding. RCF is not a hyped brand for studio monitors, but these deserve attention in this highly competitive market.

–Superb transient response
–Nice soundstage for the price (width and depth)
–Very defined high end and not tiring at all
–Excellent phase alignment

–Limited room adjustments
–Dont excell at low volume