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Kando 08/25/2005

Wharfedale Diamond 8.1A : Kando's user review


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I bought these speakers for: Their prices, their compactness, the boom in cevlar and then for their looks.

I used to use a home studio, and consists mostly of electronic music, and music "film".

Branches are directly out of an audio interface TASCAM FW-1884

(- 1 for the coating of the cot is not completely black but instead Mouchet anthracite)


I find these really good monitor neutral image with a really good stereo.

Treble sound great, is that in the frequency called "LOW" woofer 5 'does not necessarily honor the electro kick. ... So a little light for low (but hey .... it is not can not have a small size and the equivalent of a pair of Genelec 1039.)

Finally for the price ...... Really a very good sound reproduction.

(- 2 for low frequencies)


I use these speakers for 2 weeks (I know it's not huge for an objective opinion but hey ....).
I prefried in these forums: The price (200 euros a pair), the stereo image, the neutrality, a good overall rendering of the audio spectrum (despite shortcomings in the low frequencies), their compactness, their look (small blue LED on the front of most beautiful effect), the possibility to connect in jack or XLR, the minimize button of low frequency.

I find the report quality UNBEATABLE price (I could compare with the M-AUDIO in the same price range to see more, and I prefried far the DIAMOND)

To see in time I would do but that choice again (for the same price ........ biensur)