Allen & Heath WZ3 14:4:2
Allen & Heath WZ3 14:4:2

WZ3 14:4:2, Analog Mixer from Allen & Heath in the Wizard series.

Mixwizard WZ3 1442 : $1.20

By NikosGuitar on 07/24/2017 - Expires in less than a day
Localization: Crete ( Greece Greece)
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this year i was searching for a completely new Mixwizard WZ3 1442 because i wanted to avoid a chinese made mixer.
My goald was to find this model somewere at Europe with the hope that one may have been in stock of one store...
I found one at a small store at Italy, that only the top panel nuts had some oxidation.
Since i wanted to be sure that the mixer is ok inside i send it to UK to a service guy that Allen and Heath recomended me. So, i send it for cleaning and checked at Adrian Bowditch of
He cleaned the top panel of the mixer and he said to me that the inside was like new and every pot and fader works as it should be.
Unfortunately, for what i want to do musicaly, i have to buy the Sound Sculpture Switchblade GL
and in order to collect the money i have to sell this mixer.
Are you interested on buying this mixer from me?
Thank you!


Great condition, cleaned by AB-ELECTRONICS