Clavia Nord Lead 2
Clavia Nord Lead 2

Nord Lead 2, Analog Modeling Synth from Clavia in the Nord Lead series.

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Dgé 01/24/2004

Clavia Nord Lead 2 : Dgé's user review


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The keyboard is a worthy one but Bontempi strength to play I like it my only regret is the lack of aftertouch.
October 4 keyboard
pitch, modulation, Morphing
The polyphony is not great but sufficient trs.


Trs simple, you turn the knobs!
The manual is clear
All is well.


Sounds are powerful trs, is a synth that the sauce (requires sound engineers in your group!)
We say a real vintage synth sounds for notament prophet.
Now hammond and clavinet are raffistolls, only approximations but nothing compared to raliste biensur true, however it is an opportunity to have an original sound for the instruments.
The expresssion is excellent I love the pitch bend wheel in wood and stone.
The sounds I prfere are: Lead (the keyboard is well named!) Low, some consistent ground trs (play chords 2 or 3 notes suffice for ?!?!?! big sound) makes her sound much more fabulous, go try it !!!!!!


2 years
I do not like the lack of aftertouch and the PCMCIA card needed!!
Maybe that day I will buy the rather Nordlead 3 that the two sounds remains as big as his great ERRF.