Korg microKORG
Korg microKORG

microKORG, Analog Modeling Synth from Korg in the micro series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Korg microKORG

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sw80's review"Classic"

Korg microKORG
The MicroKorg is an analog synth with a built on microphone and 8 band vocoder. I have had the MicroKorg since 2007 and I still use it a lot. There are 128 programs with a total of 4 voices. It is very portable because it is light and small plus very durable. I have been taking this keyboard around in just a book bag for a while now and it never as even got a scratch on it, it looks brand new!


Using it is simple, but could require some reading in the manual if you have not worked with an analog vocoder before. Even if you have worked with a digital vocoder you will be in for a change with this MicroKorg.


You can run this on 6 AA batteries or you can use the standard wall supply for power that comes with it (9 V). It weighs less than 5 pounds which is unreal to me that I was able to take this with me almost everywhere and do some really cool stuff. There are also 3 delays effects, 3 modulation effects and 6 arpeggiator effects.


There is no USB connectivity with this synth but it has 128 presets to work with. No on board sequencer and no audio playback so all of your sounds will have to be running out of the outputs to your speakers or your interface for tracking it into your computer. It does however have MIDI in, MIDI out and MIDI thru though. It comes with a condenser microphone that is attached to it. Also, I noticed that when I use to travel with it; it would eat through those double A batteries pretty fast and I always found myself having to go out and purchase more batteries all of the time. This was not a big issue just frustrating because they would die so fast.

MGR/Billy's review"Korg microKorg"

Korg microKORG
Alright, I bought this because every single other band was using this keyboard. If you need to channel a rocket ship at the beginning of a song or track a hypnotic melody line over top of a pop song this keyboard will do it.

The Korg microKorg

Where else would you buy such a trendy piece of gear? Guitar Center. I waited in line behind all the gel'd hair dudes in wearing chick jeans before dropping close to $400 on my the counter to take this home.

It is a no directions needed plug n play keyboard. Pitch bends and tone wheel is super cool. In a matter of minutes anyone is a musician on this.

OK this review sounds jaded. It does give you plenty of cool sounds at your fingertips and can easily fit in a backpack and be brought to the gig.

Korg is known for making quality, durable keys.

The keys are very tiny. I am a bass player and have fat, calloused fingers. It is easy to get tripped up on this keyboard.

I have scene these get dropped, stepped on and even a beer or two spilled on these. They are like the Timex watches of keyboards.

If it's strong enough for a rock club it will last anywhere!

A great non-keyboard player's keyboard! Need to thicken up your band's sound? This synth will do it.

This review was originally published on http://www.musicgearreview.com

spiritfingers's review

Korg microKORG
Micro Korg, with 3 octaves. Has modulation and pitch control. Also resonance, cutoff, sustain, and tempo controls for synth settings. MIDI and 1/4" out connection. Vocoder accessible. 1/8" microphone input. I have played live with this synth and plugged directly into my Mac to record with excellent results. Largest variety of sounds of any synth you will find.


Easy setup, even has MIDI controls. 1/4'' or guitar cord input to easily play through any amp or pa system. Editing the effects is fairly simple. There are already thousands of preprogrammed synth settings. There is a genre selection knob which goes between dance, hip-hop, electronic, house, and 4 other selections to choose from. Once you pick a sound you like you can begin to edit the modulation and pitch from two large controls on the left side of the synth or edit the resonance, cutoff, or sustain with 5 small knobs running across the top right. There is a large manual which I encourage reading because this synth has so many editing effects.


Perfectly. I use the vocoder and arrpegiator all the time. You can edit the setting on any programmed synth and customize the sound to fit your need. I love the wildcat sounds and airplane noises. There are seriously too many synths programmed on this synth to ever need.


I have been using this synth for 3 years now and I enjoy the simplicity of it. So many different synth modes you are sure to find any sound you will want. My only complaint is that it has small keys and with my hands I will often hit multiple keys at once. This is the only synth I have owned but have used others and the microkorg is the best. I bought mine used for 200. good price for this synth. They are easy to find used, not necessary to buy a new unit.
FP User10/31/2008

FP User's review

Korg microKORG
This unit is jam packed with features (concidering the size) theres all teh effects you would need, great filters and loads of good presets to get stuck into. The keys are a nightmare but plugging an external midi keyboard into it does the trick!

Price paid



The editability is a little frustrating at times as the main editing controls are split up over two control nobs and the editing list is hard to read in a dark studio. Though it is a small unit so something has to give!!!!

I've had this unit for 7 months and i take it out of the studio some times and it seems fine, dont fancy dropping it though!


The bass sounds are amoung the fattest around (dont think to much of the preset ones though) and as for the lead!! well for a bit of tech house its amazing!!!!


All in all its a great machine, I love the vocoder. It would be a full 10 if it had a little more ease. Good though.

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: FlyMuzic (January 0-, 2005)

XeRoSoReX's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I love"

Korg microKORG
mini keyboard, hard drive for a pianist, the sounds are editable, even in real time, but it is not practical. funk to hardcore. midi in / out / thru, 2 audio in, audio editing software for pc / mac.


Lédition is not necessarily complicated, but it lacks pottards must associate functions with five pottards present, not simply live if you want to play from the cutoff, and play with miss an lfo for example, is actually impossible must parameterize your sound in advance. and you can not (or I still have not found out how) reusing the basic functions of pottards in their native functions (cutoff, resolution, etc ... about leaving edit mode, and CA is a lower wholesale


funk to hardcore everything can go, plus it's pretty easy to find "maps" on the internet to create sounds mythical brass pad of cs 80, solina string machine, lower the laser harp JMJ etc ...


this is the 2nd I bought in 7 years, I had JP 8000, but this is not even comparable. that this ej'aime least, sound editing live with an impossible return to the basic functions of the knobs, what I like most is its portability and bass sounds, filters are good , it will exit beautiful infra. value for money, hard to beat, it's not pure analog, but the bass and lead sounds are very good, it built for that! there poossibilité out of beautiful pads, but it is not his specialty, lack of polyphony

Ozorus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good synth"

Korg microKORG
Everything has been said lower


Its compact size limits the number of knobs but with a little practice you learn to easily manage the interface, and these are then provided for the live amplements sufficient.
The vocoder is operated easily.


The sound palette is very rich, powerful sound thanks to the integrated multi-effects.
The bass sounds are very effective.
Vocoders do the job.


Unbeatable value for money for this compact and powerful synth.
I do never part.

mite2chine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the conductor ..."

Korg microKORG
Sound Generation Method: Analog Modeling Synthesis System Program Synthesizer: Multi Timbral: 2 (max, Normal / Dual Mode) Voices: 4 voices Sound Source: 2 Oscillator + Noise Generator Multi Mode Filter (LPF -24dB/oct, -12dB/oct LPF / BPF / HPF) EG x2, LFO x2, Virtual Patch x4 Vocoder Program: Voices: 4 voices Sound Source: 1 Oscillator + Noise Generator EG x1 LFO x2 8 Channels vocoder Level and pan of Each Channel Can Be edited Formant Shift function General Specifications: Programs: 128 Programs Effects: Modulation effects (3 types) Delay (3 types) Equalizer Arpeggiator: 6 types Keyboard: 37 Keys (mini-keyboard, velocity sensitive) Inputs: AUDIO IN 1, 2 and Level switch: LINE / MIC [AUDIO IN 1, 2 (LINE)] [AUDIO IN 2 (MIC)] Outputs: L / MONO, R and Headphones MIDI: IN, OUT and THRU Display: 3 characters x1 line with 8 segment LED Power Supply: DC 9 V (AC adapter), or six AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) Power Consumption: 6.4 watts maximum Dimensions: 20.63 "(W) x 9.13" (D) x 2.76 "(H) 524mm (W) x 232mm (D) x 70mm (H) Weight: 4.85 lbs. 2.2 kg Accessories: AC adapter (DC 9 V, 600 mA) Condenser Microphone


great power of sound editing, but not so "intuitive" interface level ...


a MONSTER ... franch'ment, the best I have in my studio, and yet I have the Roland, Clavia, Novation, Waldorf, Access ... What's that good stuff, but he is the conductor! it is very simple, it took place on my "desk" in front of my sequencer, and c him that "the tone" for all other my songs now ... hence the "nickname" ;-)


quality / price UNBEATABLE! a future gem ... to operate without restraint and to preserve with care ...

MrIceStorm's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg microKORG
What type of keyboard? How many octaves?
- 3 synth octaves

How many sounds, effects? What styles? Are they edited?
- 128 different sounds by default, a multitude of effects.
- Yes the sounds are editable.

What controllers (pitch, modulation, sustain ...)?
- Pitch / Modulation.

What connection (Audio, MIDI pedals ...)?
- MIDI / Audio

What polyphony?
4 notes max.


The general configuration is simple?
- Yes, we understand very quickly the principle must be on the other hand spent considerable time (and use the manual) to make the turn and to identify the subtleties ..


The sounds they are suitable to your style of music?
- Yes

The expression is good? (Response to velocity, aftertouch)?
- Although the look and size gives it a look very childish''''This synth is a real "machine-to-kill" if one knows how to use.

The effects are they effective and appropriate?
- Yes!

What are the sounds you prefer, you hate? ...
- Pafait to make big bass good grace, leads the funky thunder, sirens and shrill for the big Gfunk.


For how long have you been using it?
- 1 year

Did you try many other models before getting this one?
- No

What thing do you like most/least about it?
+ = Its tone, its robustness (in terms of knobs and pitch)

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
- Fairly good although quite expensive.

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? .
- Yes

MARCUSBEU's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A great playschool to take everywhere!"

Korg microKORG
View Factsheet


Setting Sounds simple enough, it is fun to pummel the airwaves to create new sounds. Like any analog, it takes a little knowledge to create a sound in the making "express"!


Sounds ideal for techno-trance, I use this keyboard in a jazz-funk solos pests or ground electro. The effects are not terrible, but the sounds are sufficient in themselves. The term is not the desired characteristic of this type of keyboard.

The microkorg still contains some sounds plant pests (which I did buy that matter) I am not tired, so long as no one hesitates to play pots and so have the sounds live.


The real concern of this keyboard is its mini keyboard 37 keys, incomprehensible choice from Korg ... m'enfin

bobofran's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg microKORG
See data sheet


Trs simple, plug and walk, you can grind just enough (at least without too much back in the dtail).

The keyboard is both an advantage, given the size of the microKORG, keyboardists, but will certainly be due to the jouabilit because the keys are small trs ... but rpondent correctly.

The knobs are pretty damn good and can use live (ergonomics, stopping short time between changes ...)

For my part, I use it for home recording.


There is no sound on the wrong damn Bécanne ... dance sounds are audible (even if it is not my thing)

For my part I have used over-the banks hip-hop, electro and retro ... and the low of almost all styles (trs they sound good with a lot of potatoes ... I did almost no alterations to the mix)

By level against ism is not its use Premire I think. No pianos, vaguely resembling a few tricks of the organ or strings but not trsralistes ... exclude a coverband of Elton John.


I use it for 2 years.

+: Sound quality, use, EHJV, the potential changes, the look, the price
-: Banks limited number of sounds, the vocoder (even with a microphone correct)

Trs good value qualitprix

Complter for my palette of sounds, I acquired a rcemment juno-d for sounds ralistes but both compltent trs well for an affordable price.