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Analog Modeling Synths news

  • [Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Wave OS Update

    [Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Wave OS Update

    04/04/09 in Clavia Nord Wave

    Clavia has updated Nord Wave's OS to version 2.02.

  • [Musikmesse] Akai Miniak

    [Musikmesse] Akai Miniak

    04/03/09 in Akai Miniak

    Akai has introduced its new Miniak virtual analog synth at Musikmesse.

  • Clavia Nord Modular G2

    Clavia Nord Modular G2

    01/28/09 in Clavia Nord Modular G2

    The Nord Modular G2 OS and the G2 Editor have been updated to version 1.6.

  • [NAMM] Access Virus TI2 Series

    [NAMM] Access Virus TI2 Series

    01/16/09 in Access Music Virus TI2 Keyboard

    Access announced the availability of the Virus TI2 series.

  • [NAMM] Korg microKORG XL

    [NAMM] Korg microKORG XL

    01/16/09 in Korg microKORG XL

    Korg has released the microKORG XL synth with vocoder (MKXL).

  • Access Virus TI Software 2.7.5 released

    Access Virus TI Software 2.7.5 released

    12/08/08 in Access Music Virus TI Keyboard

    Access Music has announced that it has updated the Virus TI Software to v2.7.5. This version of the software includes numerous refinements and supersedes all previous versions. The update is compatible with Virus TI Desktop, Virus TI Keyboard, Virus TI Polar and Virus TI Snow.

  • Korg microKORG XL

    Korg microKORG XL

    12/07/08 in Korg microKORG XL

    Korg has officially announced a new addition to the microKorg family, the microKORG XL.

  • [Musikmesse] Nord Lead Anniversary Model

    [Musikmesse] Nord Lead Anniversary Model

    03/14/08 in Clavia Nord Lead Anniversary Model

    In order to commemorate this first 25th anniversary for Clavia, they have created the Nord Lead Anniversary Model Limited Edition.

  • Downloadable SH-201 Patch Collections

    Downloadable SH-201 Patch Collections

    03/04/08 in Roland SH-201

    Roland announces the release of two exclusive new downloadable SH-201 patch collections at the Roland website.

  • [NAMM] Korg MicroKorg-BK

    [NAMM] Korg MicroKorg-BK

    01/26/08 in Korg microKORG

    After the X-50 Camouflage Edition, Korg introduces the MicroKorg-BK.