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Telefunken / Siemens AEG M15 MASTER STEREO
Telefunken / Siemens AEG M15 MASTER STEREO
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g3orge g3orge

« A beautiful device »

Publié le 11/29/16 à 23:16
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Advanced Users
I originally got this device for a musician’s masterclass.
Then the years passed and I made myself a small studio and took this grandma out – I’d even forgotten I had it… after a quick restoration, it is now in perfect working state!

So far, i have only used it to record vocals through a Studer 963. Its sound is unbelievable – very precise, detailed, round, warm, all you love from such antique analog beasts.
These devices were built like tanks! It provides an incredible headroom, it’s almost impossible to have it distort.

Building quality is FLAWLESS!!!! The device is very easy to understand as it’s very well conceived and clear. I’m far from being a specialist, but I’ve had no problem reparing it myself (a belt and a fuse were to be replaced – not so much as you see). It disassemble and reassemble easily, just like playing Lego.
As for the electronics, tuning and calibration, I still went to a specialist but watching what he did I realized it was quite easy, provided you have access to the equipment required for it (an oscilloscope and generator).

I love this device and rejoice at the idea of using it for mastering for instance.
So far, I found it no cons, I’ll edit if need be in the future.

When you consider all its qualities and the price at which it gets sold, don’t hesitate and buy one!!
They’re quite little known (compared with Studer/Revox), hence very affordable!