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ThisIsTheSky 06/01/2011

Dave Smith Instruments Tetra : ThisIsTheSky's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Analog synthesizer small table with four voices. Possibility to connect to a second Tetra, a Mopho or Prophet to increase his capacity polyphonic.


The possibilities of synthesis are complex, but the programming architecture is relatively simple for anyone with the knowledge required for analog synthesis. The synthesizer can be programmed directly from its eight knobs board (with submenus sometimes a little difficult to be sure), since a master MIDI control surface with (the solution I use most) or from the publisher software via a programming cable usb.Pour more complex, especially those including step sequences, the computer solution is strongly recommended.


The sound is the Mopho a clear analogue with fat and more polyphony. I used to sample the Mopho to make polyphonic, where the magic happens immediately when you turn the synthesizer. The sound is broad and far richer than most VST / AU, or to synthesize virtual analog synthesis. For me, several plug-ins become instantly obsolete with the synthesizer.


- Analog sound
- Stability
- Hardware
- The little room he uses studio space in my already saturated
- Polyphony
- The complexity of patches that can be programmed
- Unbeatable price!

- Four-voice polyphony (only!) is that you quickly get there

I hesitated a Prophet 08 but the small price of Tetra, the prospects that the synthesizer did not take too much space in my studio attracted me to him. I already have a Mopho and other analog monophonic (Moog Voyager, Novation Bass Station, Evolver). Real analog remain a pleasure, and at this price point and polyphony, frankly, yes I would do this choice. I'm going to probably buy me a second to double the polyphony. I have time ...