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Analog Synth Racks/Sound Modules news

  • Mode Machines Synthlab SL-1

    Mode Machines Synthlab SL-1

    03/01/11 in Mode Machines Synthlab SL-1

    The Synthlab uses an analog circuitry with subtractive synthesis which is designed in a classic way.

  • M.F.B. Dominion 1 under development?

    M.F.B. Dominion 1 under development?

    02/27/11 in M.F.B. Dominion X

    Berlin-based instrument company MFB is working on a new keyboard synthesizer – the MFB Dominion – according to a post at

  • No New JoMoX SunSyn MK2 Run After All

    No New JoMoX SunSyn MK2 Run After All

    12/13/10 in JoMoX SunSyn MK2

    Not so long ago, we reported that Jomox was planning a new production run for the SunSyn MKII - but Jomox jas just announced that this attempt had to be cancelled for technical reasons...

  • Jomox SunSyn MK2

    Jomox SunSyn MK2

    10/19/10 in JoMoX SunSyn MK2

    The SunSyn 2.0 will be manufactured again in a very small run, Jomox announced

  • Moog Music SlimPhatty - Official

    Moog Music SlimPhatty - Official

    10/14/10 in Moog Music SlimPhatty

    The Moog SlimPhatty is the follow-up to the Little Phatty, in a petite tabletop or rack-mountable form.

  • Moog Music SlimPhatty

    Moog Music SlimPhatty

    10/12/10 in Moog Music SlimPhatty

    It looks like a US retailer already communicated a product without the official introduction of its manufacturer (hence the picture): Moog seems about to release a desktop/rack version of the Little Phatty synth.

  • Eowave Persephone mk II

    Eowave Persephone mk II

    10/11/10 in Eowave Persephone markII

    Eowave recently released the Persephone mk II, a new instrument with real analogue oscillators, a duophonic ribbon, 100% compatible with the computer environment with a USB I/O, MIDI I/O and 4 CV out.

  • Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Review

    Dave Smith Instruments Tetra Review

    08/22/10 in Dave Smith Instruments Tetra

    The Tetra hosts four Mopho voices in an extremely compact housing, meaning you get an analog polyphonic, programmable and a very affordable synth. A closer look...

  • Vermona Mono Lancet

    Vermona Mono Lancet

    06/02/10 in Vermona Mono Lancet

    Vermona just announced two new synths, due for release in August/September this year.

  • M.F.B. Nanozwerg

    M.F.B. Nanozwerg

    03/19/10 in M.F.B. Nanozwerg

    NANOZWERG is described as "a full-featured monophonic analogue synthesizer," with VCO, an additional sub-oscillator and a 12dB-slope-multimodefilter to offer multiple bass- and lead-sounds.