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  • Stupid Design Axolotl

    Stupid Design Axolotl

    04/29/09 in Stupid Design Axolotl

    The axolotl is an analog synth noisebox made for "demanding sound-designers and noise musicians," according to Stupid Design.

  • [Musikmesse] JoMoX MBase 11

    [Musikmesse] JoMoX MBase 11

    04/03/09 in JoMoX MBase 11

    The MBase11 generates analog bass drums, from extremely powerful to soft and covers the whole range from 909-style to 808-fashioned, according to JoMoX.

  • Eowave Persephone markII

    Eowave Persephone markII

    03/25/09 in Eowave Persephone markII

    The Persephone markII features a new Eowave ribbon and a new synthesis architecture,d esigned to make it possible to play different sounds simulteaneously, to modulate one sound source with another while playing, and more.

  • [Musikmesse] Doepfer Dark Energy

    [Musikmesse] Doepfer Dark Energy

    03/23/09 in Doepfer Dark Energy

    Dark Energy is a monophonic stand-alone Synthesizer with USB and Midi interface.

  • [NAMM] Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

    [NAMM] Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

    01/15/09 in Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

    Mopho is a desktop monophonic analog synthesizer module based on the Prophet '08.

  • Dave Smith Instruments MOPHO synth

    Dave Smith Instruments MOPHO synth

    09/27/08 in Dave Smith Instruments Mopho

    Dave Smith Instruments releases MOPHO synth, a funny yellow little thing. Come in & see & hear what the fuss is about.

  • Analogue Solutions Leipzig

    Analogue Solutions Leipzig

    05/04/08 in Analogue Solutions Leipzig

    Recently Analogue Solutions has released the Leipzig monosynth, a self contained TRUE analogue synthesiser.

  • [Musikmesse] M.F.B. Kraftzwerg

    [Musikmesse] M.F.B. Kraftzwerg

    03/20/08 in M.F.B. KRAFTZWERG Modul

    MFB announced KRAFTZWERG at the show, a semi-modular version of MFB’s Synth-II.

  • [NAMM] DSI Prophet '08 Module

    [NAMM] DSI Prophet '08 Module

    01/18/08 in Dave Smith Instruments Prophet '08 Desktop

    Dave Smith Instruments unveils the desktop version of their Prophet '08.