Asaden Ondomo
Asaden Ondomo

Ondomo, Analog Synth from Asaden.

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Duration: 04:54 - Language: en - Added by cortez77 on Jul 17, 2017 at 3:57:00 AM

Ondomo - Bringing back the iconic Ondes Martenot

Ondomo is a modern limited version of the iconic Ondes Martenot. First developed in France in 1928, the Ondes Martenot (Martenot's waves) takes its name from the unique, pure electronic tones the instrument produces through the expert manipulation of its sensitive and highly musical controls.
FYI: as they requested, we added a touch of reverb to the music bits of this video, to simulate the sound you would hear in an actual Ondes Martenot recording or performance. The instrument does not feature any effect or amp simulation.

Recorded at SuperBooth 2017, Berlin.
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