Korg 900-Ps
Korg 900-Ps

900-Ps, Analog Synth from Korg.

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SuperTrash_audiojunkie 09/08/2004

Korg 900-Ps : SuperTrash_audiojunkie's user review


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Polyphonic synth with 24 preset sounds ... We are back in the seventies (the trumpets and violins do not sound like a trumpet or a violin) and is a rgal! This synth has a single output Jack6'35 over a headphone jack in 6'35. To 24 presets of sounds, add a waveform that is between a sine and a sawtooth (is it can be a mix) is called Harmonics. We can have fun with this because 4 preset faders are affects: they allow people to play the harmonics of sound.
This synth also has 37 keys of a control attack, sustain, a vibrato, the choice of the vibrato rate cuts, a portamento, a pitch, option "strong", to hold a key (you press a button and the sound is infinite), 2 additional octaves (with a button that simply operate), a scale noise and a white noise. .. And the best-for me a wonderful traveler Mount in horizontal fader. This filter is absolutely incredible, to move from a big sub that sounds + lens with the same preset. I forgot something important: the vibrato functions, high, pitch, portamento may be controlled either by switches or Dedis place by a metal bar in front of the keyboard and when we ask her Ragit hand


No need for manual to run the beast


The MODEL I stayed too long and trs work, at once a held note may vary from it or even while playing 2 notes quickly one the other will have APRS the same sound again, I can not play several notes at the same time, it is monophonic. APRS and even a big cleanup is the same. Still, I rgale for tablecloths or large permanent subs. It is relatively common for sounds from analog, but they suit me perfectly.


I was very lucky because I was ready for free and without the last time ... But what is certain is that if I find in a store at the price indicated above (370 ) I bought direct. In addition, he has a great look, black, yellow and silkscreen faders are red, green, brown, orange or yellow