Korg Delta
Korg Delta

Delta, Analog Synth from Korg.

Boulolot 09/19/2014

Korg Delta : Boulolot's user review

«  First instrument »

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Leaving the army (conscription), this is my first synth that allowed me to learn music and be part of a group.
it has served me well for the first balls in Normandy.
Pretty solid and simple programming, it might already be outdated at the time but with the immense fortune that I had not, I could play on stage without complex.
Very simple settings are accessible to all newcomers. not need the manual in multiple languages. Too bad there were no markers. But if we wanted to keep the memory of sounds, it was not difficult to prepare this index cards and register settings.
For me, even if it did not exceed the Trident of the same brand, it could be used for many things in public as well as solo.
Nostalgia can be!


Potentiometers directly at hand, we can not do better.


At first, like many people, I wanted to imitate other instruments.
But a synth for me as at the time it is first to create. There is not expected but here the splendor allows well learn sound synthesis.


Purchased in 1981; still works in 2014.
Even a washing machine BOSCH not yours as long.