Korg Delta
Korg Delta

Delta, Analog Synth from Korg.

oryjen 12/30/2007

Korg Delta : oryjen's user review


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Keyboard to analog dividers. Two sections: Synth and Strings.
Total polyphony, but a single filter on the synth and a single VCA. PARA-so sound.


Simple in appearance, if it is a bit stuffy and we left at the front.
= Control function. no more simple and straightforward!
However, the Delta is a treasure trove if you take the trouble.
The manual encourages them to stay in front.


With some practice, the Delta is a very expressive instrument and quite versatile.
The strings are moving and rich, deep, dark strings ranging from the most scintillating sounds thanks to the great and radical crossover.
The synth has a big personality, with its 24dB filter consists of two stages in MS20 cascade.Non resonant filter factory but it is easy to remedy.
The four generators sqr 16 'to 2' provide access to a synthesis crude additive, but that can carve the wave with great accuracy! Much better than the traditional dial SINE / SQR / SAW / PULSE!
Applying positive or negative slope on the filter ADSR (miam!)
Envelope on the punchy synth. We would have liked a real 0 Time Attack on strings, but I Motes ...
Keyboard excellent craftsmanship, much better than those of MS & Co.! Support fair and sweet.
Good connection back to a synthesizer dividers. No CVIN course, but the trig in and out, and separate audio outputs or collected for the two sections.
The joystick is a plus for the expressiveness.
Bonus: the two modes of TRIG selectable for each section, allowing lavish effects using both sections!
LFO delay in rudimentary but expressive (and not a real one SINE TRI) routable to pitch and / or filter, applicable to both sections.


I use it for 3 years (after having dreamed in my youth).
-Sounds and synthesis capabilities are excellent! To see the front panel light and airy, you would not believe he is hiding such treasures!
There is often a pb on the filter, easy to repair.
As poly-before it I had a Korg MP4, poly not really either.
-Value / price!
-Of course I would do this election if the divisors of mine came to let me go!