Korg Monotron
Korg Monotron

Monotron, Analog Synth from Korg in the Monotron series.

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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Korg Monotron

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 17 reviews )
 4 reviews24 %
 10 reviews59 %
 3 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

BorisGodounov's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The thing that kills ;-)"

Korg Monotron
Summarize previous reviews very ben characteristics of the machine, no need to repeat.
It is definable by its sheer size: it is REALLY in hand, as is the size of a mobile phone.
All plastic, two-tone, half-shells are very well finished, the buttons do not slip under barbed fingers.
Two AAA batteries are delivered in the (small) cardboard box.


There is a small book, but frankly this contraption is made to learn by doing.
All buttons to zero volume (behind it is manipulated by the index when the machine is) is back, we can start!
Obviously, in the case of tiny knobs, it is difficult to find a sound, but since it has only one waveform, and noting the positions, there is no problem.
The keyboard is a continuous ribbon, allowing glissandi demonic imitating the mewing of a cat, or typing finger or stylus. It is also fairly easy with a little practice, even if at first it plays very wrong ;-)
I note 8/10 for a little over an octave is impractical, knowing that screws on the back increases the amplitude of a little less than an almost two octaves. But then the picture on the tape no longer ... you can not have everything.


The sound from the small speaker is at best a spare wheel, at worst an effective way to trigger cries of protest environment.
Plugged into an amplifier worthy of the name, if a headphone output jack, the sound is revealed!
It's big, it's heavy, will look far here, here rises very high, attention windows!
I was amazed rhythmic sounds obtained with the LFO.
Generally the settings chosen for the five buttons, the switch between pitch and volume, an impressive variety of sounds, effects.
I have not tried the sampler sounds obtained, but it has two jacks mini, and the phones, you can get a sound, torture with the filter and inject.
It is therefore quite possible to integrate a computer music station, which makes you 38 euros for a plug-in (literally) pretty cool!


For two months, I use it occasionally, much to amuse me a bit to write, even on 9 ratings we find cool stuff when you have two minutes to connect, and 30s. to warm it.
Because yes, this stuff looks like a mobile phone is a true analog synth with components that, like their illustrious ancestors, must heat to reach their nominal operating temperature!
In short, happiness.

Amigalynx's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Korg Monotron
Monophonic analog synthesizer, "keyboard" diaphragm continuously variable ("ribbon"), an oscillator sawtooth down, ditto 1 LFO, LFO assignable to the pitch or frequency of the filter, a reproduction of the low-pass the MS-20.


Synthetic pure hardware, pure analog, the 5 knobs and the switch under the eyes, it can hardly be easier!

Just play first be asked to correctly adjust the keyboard driver, if you want to use the guide offered by the piano keys painted on the tape. This can be tricky but the setting is stable.
Then, not only the keyboard is pokey, but it also is not sensitive to its full height (and less sensitive to nearby Si acute - my Duo is the same). We must aim down the white keys (the black of a piano. You follow?). I strongly advise the use of a pen (a pencil is perfectly plastic case).
Despite this, with a little practice it is quite possible to play melodies. Even if it takes the drive to play fair, it does not take long to aim "about", the great differences of course being the most difficult to play well and quickly. And we can afford portamento madness!


This is a great toy. Versatile enough somehow. Use either side can just play or make impressive sound effects.
When one wants to play fair, you can include:
-Let the filter resonance frequency 0 and the max for an electronic sound "8 bit"
-Set the frequency knob to 12 and the resonance at 11 am for complaints théréminesques. Playing with the frequency knob playing sounds really great. Moreover, with a little practice, you can imitate meowing with enough similarities to fool a cat:-D
LFO-to very low frequency, paired (with a large amplitude) at the frequency of the filter to have a natural decay
-Set the LFO fast enough, coupled with the frequency by putting a dash of amplitude for a nice vibrato.

It is also possible to play any really high, a buzz that there are oscillations with a shrill whistle, although the real bass sound is not too strong.

For sound effects, it would take too long to describe, but thanks to the LFO goes up very high in frequency and amplitude (and that can easily filter self-oscillate), you can really do stuff crossed out, FM-esque effects and company. The three videos Korg United States illustrate the possibilities. Start playing the sound normally and torture on the last note can show purely pleasurable.

Defects already mentioned here: the speaker practice to play anywhere but really feeble, weak and out of breath that, and especially the dirty "Pouc" and the beginning and end of notes because of the command "while or nothing "without the amp envelope, this is THE thing annoying.
I also regret that the LFO is not reversible, it seems to me that it would not have been too difficult and can make a fade-in by coupling it to the filter would have been nice ...


In the end, 40 euros ... it is probably 4 times the cost price for Korg. But we can not say that competition in the market "real synth that fits in your pocket" jostling (Gakken SX-150, but what else?). And despite its simplicity this machine is an extra toy. Although necessarily less comprehensive (and expensive!) Modeled on a synth smartphone (to stay in the "gadget"), it has the advantage of being dedicated: zero latency and a much more grip instinctive, more kawaii and always ready, it will not fit into the category "used a week and then never touch it."

My only regret is that he was not sold to kids 20 years ago for half price. I would have played all day, I would not have been alone, millions of parents would have become raving mad and it would be in every closet next to the Game Boy.

Ingres's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The smallest analog synth"

Korg Monotron
Everything has been said about it (see other reviews)


Everything is very simple. We know it or not. You turn the knobs and the sound becomes.


(Apart from his breath and weak, it will).


Well, to summarize, the defects are very simple:
1. A good breath now (we can correct downstream)
2. A weak sound on my mixer / external soundcard (even putting the gain at the bottom), but sufficient when it is connected directly to my laptop (go figure).
If not, well less than 60 euros, you have an analog synthesizer ultra portable and lightweight (it fits in your hand, the size of a smartphone, and more light), then transported anywhere, and which finds its real interest displacement, but also in his home studio, when it is connected at random to other machines or other korg, via mini-jack, and there it rocks really. The lfo, the cutoff, the tilt in pitch or cutoff tool great for dj or composer of electronic music. Of course, it will not give you the low fat and heavy like a moog or an electronic blofeld thunder, but it can work, learn and enjoy as you like with a mini synth for cheap.
Well, I say no more. A synth for less than 60 euros.

PeterCocteau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Mini Heroes."

Korg Monotron
A mini-synth to look stylophone with real analog circuitry inside.

Line In and Line Out Mono format mini-jack.
Ability to process external audio signal through the filter.

-1 Osc
-1 LFO (triangle wave descending) assignable to the Osc or filter. A wide range of values that allows even the frequency modulations.
-1 Filter with resonance (identical to that of MS20 or MS10 in theory)
Keyboard -1 band (the height gradually rises along the keyboard)
-1 Mini built-in speaker
-Only works on 2 small batteries 1.5 V (which are provided!)

Note that an LED (hidden under the transparent knob LFO-rate) def timidly pulsation of Lfo.


Extremely simple to use.

Only the keyboard ribbon is not obvious to tame as the notes are not fixed (height gradually rises along the keyboard). L''aspect "playability" is not his greatest asset. One can nevertheless improve the game using a pen (with cap!) Rather than the fingers ... short as a Stylophone.

It remains that it is always difficult to catch the "right notes" but as often as the limitations become a source of inspiration .... and we are here to surprise the "bends" of madness that no one 's not usually allowed.

Funny detail: the doc calls to allow the unit to heat a bit before use (30 seconds) .. brief, as the former!


Side flaws:
The breath-which is not necessarily prohibitive .. but this.
The short-machine level, then you just push a little preamp from the console.
-The absence of a "Faraday cage" which makes the device sensitive enough for laptops and other electro-magnetic waves.

Side qualities:
Although the true bass-round that are placed alone in a mix.
-The filter is surly and allows many experiments and typically devastating vintage, especially when coupled to the LFO. Perfect for making "analog effects of space."

In short, that is the analog and it 's mean! The roundness and the personality of this little machine exceeds that of the plug-ins and other digital synth.

Ah otherwise, does not try to listen through the integrated HP, the sound is atrocious!


55 Euros: unbeatable value for money.

This device is amazing, it is designed as a toy, it costs the price of a gadget, but offers sound very credible, worthy of a true analog synth.

We therefore regret for his toy aspects: the breath, lack of gameplay.
We adore their actual analog: bass, frequency modulations, etc. ...

For those who regret the lack of midi in, external power, etc. .. I can only ask them to look at the price of the competition. Must not abuse, you know the price of an analog of same occasion?

Personally, I have made some excellent bass lines on an electro synth with this small, it did nothing really envy the greatest. Although I must confess to compensate for the lack of gameplay by a lot of ed.

For me at least a real crush this little synth! :)