Korg Poly-61
Korg Poly-61

Poly-61, Analog Synth from Korg.

boogi man 01/29/2012

Korg Poly-61 : boogi man's user review


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Keyboard 61 keys, 6 voice polyphony, 2 dco saw square pulse, 12dB/oct filter, 2adsr, arpeggiator sync, memory 64 and noon on version M


Easy setup and use, it's like a toy fiddle, I still preferred the knobs but it was not the project of this synth at its output ..


its a sharp, bold, very nervous, I'm using it to make my leads in electrofunk and it really sticks tip top, not easy to place in the mix also! the bass are also not left behind but the lack of versatility of the synthetic creations of some of flange sounds, it's very very sad ..
the oscilloscope were designed by korg contrary to what is described below and only the envelopes are ssm 2056.
I love the pitch of the synth, it's really great to modulate on a game rapide.J got a P600 and below apart from the frankly I prefer the versatility poly ..


I love potatoes of this synth and especially the grain
I do not like the keyboard noise and limited opportunities
aside the worries of battery leakage which can damage the card and the chassis, which tends to dust from the rest is super strong!
I redid mine to nine in 2011 (full frame, side, keypad) the rest I have not touched except for the dust maps and to believe that it leaves the factory!