Moog Music MemoryMoog LAMM
Moog Music MemoryMoog LAMM

MemoryMoog LAMM, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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FP User 10/31/2008

Moog Music MemoryMoog LAMM : FP User's user review


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This synth is 99,9 % complete. The usual Memorymoog lacks MIDI, but with this L.A.M.M. (Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification) every parameter can be controlled by MIDI. There is 6-voice polyphony (let's say 6 Minimoogs), 3 oscillators per voice - if wanted you can choose mono modus (18 oscillators !!!). Only things not present here are effects and multitimbrality.


The manual is very simple (divided in 3 sections which you can choose along your own skill: quick guide, simple manual, extended manual). The synth has so many features that it is hard in the beginning, but after a few practising you can make great sounds. The user interface is VERY clear (very logical - from left to right: control LCD panel, OSC section, OSC mixer, filter section with ADSR, AMP section with ADSR; in the middle the modulation section).

This is a quite robust synth - although you have to take care of the wooden case (watch out for scratches). The Memorymoogs are infamous for their OSC tuning troubles (but I hadn't any problems yet). Buttons are very robust; they will not break. Concerning the customer support: I bought this synth via EMC Music from Lintronics; I contacted them a few times for little questions, and they helped me out within 8 hrs (!). Great support !!


Fat like never before & 100 % analog !!! This is a great synth for any type of dance music, as well as rock music (great dirty organ sounds). Fattest bass sounds I've ever heard, great sweeps, lead sounds, etc... Unfortunately no effects section... This is definitely the best synth I ever tried.


This is THE GREATEST synth ever. Definitely !!

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Posted by: THM ( 4-, 2003)