Moog Music Opus 3
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tristan07 08/19/2012

Moog Music Opus 3 : tristan07's user review

«  rich in ancient »

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keyboard 4 octaves
stereo and mono output

no control except sustain

no memory (it is 1978) and also like that the knobs are still sound.

1 Chorus 2 speed adjustable intensity for organ and string section

polyphony is complete, after the sounds of the brass section passing through a filter will not awaken if you have your fingers on the keyboard and already we réanclanche other notes.


so simple, must know the subtractive, additive module good organ there's only 5 feet is very simple.

we have a machine with filter string section and resolu.

a volume dedicated to panoramic
(The section is smaller than the other so well dosed with general theft)

an add-organ
volume with panoramic

brass module
volume with panoramic

then acts on the string chorus and organ dose with a crossfader between the amount string and organ.

output returned to the chorus and string volume of vca

we have a moog filter 24 db thunder between the brass section and the section with a crossfader between organ and organ and brass ç'est returned to the volume of brass vca

we have a lfo with 2 destinations to choose from: to VCOs or to VCF


sounds good this is for lovers of vintage is the polyphonic string machine and mixing organ.

we even have some leads and bass with organ and brass section filters.

after the specialty of this instrument is the layer with the organ sounds bothered with lfo and auto filter osciliation beautiful, sounds used by Mr. Klaus Schulze including this unit.


good instrument that I will keep, is to find a service not too expensive.

I wish there 'have a hold function to keep my agreements.

I think after this personalized instrument aan metant to the midi in, set the controls to filter and lfo pedals