Moog Music Opus 3
moosers 12/20/2009

Moog Music Opus 3 : moosers's user review


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The Moog Music Opus 3 is an analog synth that isn't too much like the other synths that Moog has to offer.  Unlike other Moog synths, this one actually emulates acoustic instruments.  While it does have standard synth parameters, the main sections on the Opus 3 are for strings, organ, and brass emulation.  The keyboard of the synth spans about four octaves, which is bigger than most Moogs out there.  The synth has a pitch wheel but not a modulation wheel and is a fully polyphonic synth, which is rare for Moog...


Controlling the Moog Music Opus 3 only took me a little while to get used to as everything can be taken at face value.  If you are familiar with synths, this will be no problem for you and even if you don't have much experience with synths I think you will still be able to figure out how to use this pretty easily.  The synth has sections for strings, brass, and organ, and then has more traditional synth sections like modulation, chorus, articulator, a voltage controlled filter, and an output mixer.  I've never seen the manual for this synth so I can't say if it put together well or not.


The Moog Music Opus 3 is definitely a unique sounding synth and is unlike any other Moog synth that I have used.  While the organ, brass, and strings certainly don't sound like spot on emulations, they contain their own unique tones that serve as a mixture of synth and acoustic emulation.  There aren't any other Moog synths out there like this one, and I wouldn't expect to get traditional Moog sounds out of this as this isn't that type of synth.  If you're looking for the big lead tones and fat bass sounds that Moog is famous for, this synth probably isn't for you.  However, the Opus 3 contains some really cool and interesting sounds that aren't found on any other Moog synthesizer.


The Moog Music Opus 3 isn't the most readily available Moog synth, but can definitely be sought after if you are interested in buying one.  The price for it isn't all that expensive, but I would suggest trying one out first as this isn't your traditional Moog synth.  I wouldn't recommend this as a first Moog for those interested in getting traditional Moog tones, but if you are looking to experiment with some unique synth sounds, definitely check out the Opus 3.