Moog Music Rogue
Moog Music Rogue

Rogue, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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troust 10/19/2012

Moog Music Rogue : troust's user review

«  Little did most analog sound »

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Monophonic 2 1/2 octaves.

VCO 2, rather 1 + 1 Sub oscillator VCO adjustable relative to the first VCO tone, with independent volume. Everything else is common.
All features have been described in other opinions to read.

No memory, no grave, no need not to note on paper its settings all easily found, 1 button = 1 function.

The inputs and outputs are grouped into one single stereo jack 6.35, CV or GATE group (TRIG for Moog) damage! We would have preferred separate inputs and outputs.
There is also an input for an audio signal. I have not had the opportunity to try what happens, for example, return a guitar etc ...


The manual is adequate, it will be happening for those fluent Research monophonic synth. More electronic diagram is provided with a complete list of components. Practice in case of failure, if you bring in a specialist.

The use I make, basses, leads with tuning the third or fifth between the VCO and VCO Sub.

No MIDI sequences I recorded WAV PC in a tempo approximate. Softwares for PC will remain in the "syncro" for rhythm and worth going.
The synth is controlled by a Sequential or a PRO ONE ROLAND CSQ 100.
This Rogue is used in my "part-time", ie that it is not the main object of my home studio. It happens sometimes long periods when not in use.

This little Rogue has undergone some changes, with a handle and removable shoulder strap, it can be used as a keytar, with handle on the right to play the keyboard with the left hand, otherwise it returns to its original configuration .
So far it features wooden sides, it gives a much more vintage.

I do not put it note because its use depends on my mood and sometimes his mood as ...


Sound MOOG, MOOG always. Sounds pretty basic.
Try Detuner slightly sub oscillator VCO compared to the first, it takes off!! this is deep ..


He has 30 years of loyal service in 2013.

This is my second synth and mono (my first was a Korg MS20 + SQ10 all exchanged against a PRO ONE + CSQ100).

I keep it, it is an ideal companion for adding leads, basses, etc. ..