Moog Music Rogue
Moog Music Rogue

Rogue, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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moosers 03/11/2009

Moog Music Rogue : moosers's user review


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The Moog Music Rogue is a analog synthesizer that has 25 keys, which is about 2 and a half octaves. It has both pitch and modulation wheels and has 1/4 inch outputs to send it to an amp, or for sustain, as well as a few other things. It is mostly a monophonic synth.


The set up of the Rogue is pretty easy to get going and most shouldn't have too much of a problem getting it to work. For the inexperienced synth user, the Rogue can take some getting used to simply because there are so many different parameters. This being said, after a bit of practice everything falls in to place and it all makes sense. The experienced synth user should have no problems with the Rogue as it isn't too complicated. I don't have a manual for this, but if you can find one it would probably come in handy when learning how to use this.


The Moog Rogue is great for all types of applications. While I use it in rock and pop, the synth is also great for electronic and dance music, and would probably work great with just about any type of music you would like to use it with. The synth sounds are unique and in great variety. It is easy to get a number of different sound for all types of uses. The traditional bass and lead Moog sounds are great and the wide parameters make for a ton of unique tones. The expressiveness is great and it is overall easy to play.


I've been using the Moog Rogue for about two years and have found it to be a great option in terms of real Moog synthesizers. It is one of the cheaper models if you can find one used and still has all of the great sounds and options you look for in a Moog Music keyboard. Compared to the Moog MG-1, this is more versatile and has the handy pitch and modulation wheels, which the MG-1 does not. While it isn't as versatile as a Moog Voyager, it has a lot of the same capabilities and is a great option for those looking for a real Moog synth without spending a few thousand (US) dollars.