Moog Music The Source
Moog Music The Source

The Source, Analog Synth from Moog Music.

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sin 06/11/2011

Moog Music The Source : sin's user review

«  A museum piece that rips! »

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- Keyboard 37 keys monophonic bass note priority (type MS-20).
- 2 VCO + pink noise
- A 24 db Moog VCF LP
- 2 ADSR
- Synchro
- S / H
- Arpeggiator
- Sequencers
- Program Sequencer
- 16 programmable memories of sounds. Perfect on stage and in studio!
- Wheels fixed pitch / modulation and sync.
- Audio output: 0 dBm, 600 Ohms, 80 dB dynamic range.
- Input / Output CV / Out S-Trig, in / out backup tape.


It is a very simple synth, fun and educational. The signal flow is observed on the front panel (the Minimoog) and editing via the optical encoder is a feast of precision and speed! The encoder wheel is practically indestructible because without contact and prevents breaks edited values ​​...
The manual written by Rock Wehrmann is also very clear and has many examples as well as presets for 16 original sounds.


Aahhh sound!
The two oscilloscope are really FAT! The square is huge!
The classic Moog filter lowpass 24 dB / octave "sounds"!
To play bass synth arpeggio with its sequenced is a killer! The sound is analog and fat.
I tested it on large studio and the PMC can easily shake the walls! The really serious down 32 Hz ..


I use it for 3 months. It's been a long time that I was looking for.
I love his post-futuristic look and grain!
All digital functions are fatal (memories, S / H, Arp sequenced ...).
This is the latest monophonic Moog before their first death. It's a synthesizer collection, given the number of copies made (7000 81 to 83).
The bargain price tends to rise ... € 850 there are 4-years-it is € 1000 a year, € 1500 today ... And probably over 2000 in 5 years ... But attention to the condition of the animal before you buy.
One of the best Moog synth in my opinion.

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