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Moog Music Analog Synths user reviews

  • Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Anniversary 50th

    Moog Music Minimoog Voyager Anniversary 50th - Moog.Fighter's review


    We find all that "missing" at the Old D "and many other things. The Release, FM, the filter 6 dB, 12 dB, 18 dB, 24 dB etc. .... Over Possibility to connection Sources / Destinations in faade ACCS easy and can be strained with the XV-351 box into a re…

  • Moog Music MiniMoog

    Moog Music MiniMoog - Moog.Fighter's review


    Price pay 2300 euros and 2500 euros APRS its establishment 30 years, the Mini does not shine by the number of possibilities, but is a REFERENCE or more precisely a stub comparison in terms of sound. Although sr thanks are famous but also the filte…

  • Moog Music MemoryMoog LAMM

    Moog Music MemoryMoog LAMM - Moog.Fighter's review


    Purchase Price: 5500 euros (LAMM LinTronic version) 3 VCOs that guarantee its desire pais. Quality filters. ADSR ADS instead of the Mini. A section MODULATION particulirement complte. The VCO synchronization. Mixable waveforms. Precision of progra…

  • Moog Music MiniMoog

    Moog Music MiniMoog - hugo280's review


    1, pre-wired synthe monophonyque of history. and still the gold standard. noon but not c is possible midifier. polyphony but then no one knows UTILIZATION C is the basic tool to learn the principle of all the keyboards that followed. beca…

  • Moog Music Opus 3

    Moog Music Opus 3 - hugo280's review


    The Opus 3 is a polyphonic analog synth. UTILIZATION The handling is easy and there are at once the best sounds of the machine SOUNDS Here is a funny moog nothing to do with a mini monster that shook a possibility of a single note unfortuna…

  • Moog Music PolyMoog

    Moog Music PolyMoog - ricochet's review


    Polymoog keyboard splitable UTILIZATION It is semi modular, low on the string sounds, organ, violin, although we recognize the grain of Bob Moog SCHULZE even made an article 20 years he was the only synth was the era of reproducing human voices t…

  • Moog Music MicroMoog

    Moog Music MicroMoog - scherzo's review


    100% analog synth "vintage". 2 octave keyboard has 10 to choose from, soft enough Polyphony: 1 (mono, whatever). Controllers: pitch (ribbon controller) and modulating (wheel) + full of knobs everywhere. an infinite (vritable) sound, but no pres…

  • Moog Music The Source

    Moog Music The Source - voicetrack's review


    It is a beautiful analog synth Moog (certainemen one of the most beautiful design of the brand my taste) 3 Octaves with two buttons on keyboards transposition. Noon but no one from CV / Gate and an output to control another computer from the keyboa…

  • Moog Music Prodigy

    Moog Music Prodigy - radikal's review


    The Minimoog the poor? Yes and no. Yes because the Prodigy is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the legendary Moog sound, not because it has advantages allchants: emcombrement limit a careful look trs great simplicity of use and finally, y ' is…

  • Moog Music Minimoog Voyager

    Moog Music Minimoog Voyager - clyde's review


    Well let's be pragmatic about the beast: .dropoff Window The keyboard is nice but a little soft (we made it in fact, and we quickly fout) .dropoff Window Type controllers are omniprsents monstrous in size (knobs) and expressiveness (touch panel X…