Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Six-Trak, Analog Synth from Sequential Circuits.

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Kung Lao 03/18/2014

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak : Kung Lao's user review

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Full analog synth 6 voice polyphony


recess I just put my two cents on this point that repels ordinary mortals. "Oulala there's no pots, too boring to program." NO. This is one of the first synths to push the implementation noon, so any controller noon to 30 balls transform this austere panel in paradise tweaking.


Question tone, this beast will please those seeking a retro pulp in their sound. Some agreements with some release and a tad slow mod on the pitch, and buddies of Boards of Canada are not far away. It is silky, round, it's about anything. The stack mode (stacking six programs into a multi-timbral polyphonic) is very fun and allows the main bearing of this toy defect, namely only 1 VCO and a matrix of conventional modulation. But honestly for the price, ending up with 6 lanes of his "Sequential" provides damn fun. We even have a small sequencer and arpeggiator bonus! Oh and I forgot the unison mode which makes the animal more damn nasty on leads and bass (it's quite a bonus, right?)


In short, in the context of speculation around the old analos I place this SixTrak in the top of the podium bargains: pure polyphonic weird-vintage juice, original functions (the stack), Original MIDI implementation, storing presets (if you take it live ... it can help the beast is pretty solid)
Compared for example to a Juno 106 which leaves at this time around 1000 bullets because he has some faders on the front, I laugh quietly ...!