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Apple iPod user reviews

  • Apple iPod nNno 1 Go

    Apple iPod nNno 1 Go - bidroid's review


    I am available for nol, the design had any particulirement seduced, but then when I put on the ears, it was the revelation, the perfect sound to MP3, even with a resolution 128kbps, so I hesitate glue without a 10/10, I know that the price will make …

  • Apple iPod 60 Go

    Apple iPod 60 Go - buttan's review


    -About 9 months. The-+ = + Video Storage Capacity obviously (while traveling or even on the train / metro etc ... it's always a pleasure to watch a short video, a clip or other ...) The - = if you look at videos and you stop reading to look at a…

  • Apple iPod 30 Go

    Apple iPod 30 Go - ophon's review


    The transfer of photos and video is it possible for digital ixus 750 canon a 30GB iPod? thank you …

  • Apple iPod 40 Go

    Apple iPod 40 Go - jacklagratte's review


    A quick question for the lucky owner What's better than MP3 AAC I seek a good qualities of music love to have more info on this little beast friendly jack …

  • Apple iPod 40 Go

    Apple iPod 40 Go - wizer13's review


    - I use it for a year now - I love the most, like many others is the design, but once the headphones branchs I think the sound is the height of Aesthetics. What I like least is the fact that the iPod "joins" a computer with iTunes. (But the proble…

  • Apple iPod 40 Go

    Apple iPod 40 Go - yannig's review


    I have been using qqs months. I could try the Archos, and I find the iPod even more musical. I wanted it to Stereo and save at least a 16/44 between online! (To make a very compact and convenient Dat.) The ratio q / p is really excellent, …

  • Apple iPod 40 Go

    Apple iPod 40 Go - Gorax's review


    40GB iPod running for 1 year. For me a REAL rvolution! I use it in fact as replaceable of my CD, Vinyls, Readers decks in the end, this nice little box replaces a volume trs Whereas, including three cabinet full of CDs that are now duly ranks the c…

  • Apple iPod 40 Go

    Apple iPod 40 Go - LeChatMechant's review


    - How long have you use it? Since last night, one day what! - What is the particular feature you like best and least? I like the look, I love the red LED rtroclaires and the weight of the beast, the ease of dplacement in pieces. The sound is …

  • Apple iPod 20 Go

    Apple iPod 20 Go - le_kornichon's review


    Amazing! I have one for 6 months, and I am more than happy trs! It is beautiful, fast, quiet, with excellent sound (the headphones are quite good), and the system navigation is simply gnial! Nothing to do with my old Archos Jukebox Multimedia 20 …