Bose L1 Compact System
Bose L1 Compact System

L1 Compact System, Array Speaker Cabinet from Bose in the Live Sound series.

Harleybat 11/13/2012

Bose L1 Compact System : Harleybat's user review

«  Super compromise »

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With my group we went from one classic façade system over a set bose back without regret singer-guitarist has l1 model 2 bass and electronic drums on two out of l1 compact subwoofer jbl eon 518 s on a small table macki fx8 pro 'or we connect 2 microphones for coeures. The gutariste ritmique a cmpacte l1. . To live of the result was surprising the lack of light in the medium compact fasilement coriger the equalizer table c is great. Instalation 15 minutes and above all esinstalation (after a concert pus the late hour) as bonneur Car and 2peties sufise or he was 5. More back and all the group's mean and hears other perfectly and is principally made of pus its disaines calbles partous For dj. The best configuration after several tests: sortire the table directly to the subwoofer and then take the second exit or monitor output for both l1 compact but the mini jack input for MP3 or planned computer highs are much moin aggressive and result of all is super ....... Although the puisansse is limited to 200 people when we make more we rent a facade and we'd definitely choose it without ésiter. We also essaille four l1 model 2 with 2 boxes bose chaqun but the result for almost double the price (apart the upper puissace a bit) is not sufficient to change