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  • Review of the Audient iD14 USB audio interface

    Review of the Audient iD14 USB audio interface - Keep the IDeas Rolling


    A little over two years ago we reviewed the iD22, the first ever audio interface manufactured by Audient, an English brand well-known for its consoles and mic preamps. Considering the crossover to the digital world went fairly smoothly, these Brits have now decided to take another step in the same direction with a smaller and less pricey second in…

  • Audient iD22 Review

    Audient iD22 Review - 22? Show Me Your iD!


    The interface market is very crowded, but who cares. Audient, the English brand renown for its consoles and preamps, decided to take the plunge with a desktop interface that has caught our eye. Let's see what's the iDea behind it…