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  • Steinberg UR22 review

    Steinberg UR22 review - UR so small


    Steinberg introduced the UR series a little over a year ago with the UR28M and the UR824. They’re back with an entry level unit priced at under $200 with two D-pre preamps included. Verdict?

  • Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Review

    Apogee Quartet Audio Interface Review - 2 Duet = 1 Quartet?


    A little more than one year ago, we reviewed the Duet 2, the second generation of Apogee's mobile USB audio interface with two mic inputs. With the Quartet, the Californian engineers have produced the missing link between the Duet 2 and the large Symphony I/O, that is an interface with four mic inputs and ADAT.

  • Focusrite Forte Review

    Focusrite Forte Review - Be Forte!


    One year ago, Apogee introduced the Duet 2, a digital audio interface with remarkable sound and finish, but only available for Mac computers. Focusrite realized that it was an opportunity and presented the Forte, a direct competitor with comparable dimensions — plus Mac and PC support! But can it really compete in terms of quality?

  • Motu Track16 Review

    Motu Track16 Review - Sweet Little Sixteen


    Track16 is the latest addition to Motu's range of audio interfaces. The numerous features announced by the manufacturer are very appealing. Let's see how they translate in the real world!

  • Universal Audio Apollo Review

    Universal Audio Apollo Review - One Small Step for Men...


    Universal Audio is a brand like no other in the pro audio world. The company has been competing in the hardware market for over 50 years with preamps, compressors and channel strips. But it has also been present in the plug-in market for about a decade with the famous UAD DSP platform. We have always wondered what would happen if Universal Audio w…

  • RME Fireface UCX Mini-Review

    RME Fireface UCX Mini-Review - An RME On My iPad


    On the first day of winter NAMM RME launched its new audio interface: the Fireface UCX — RME UFX's little brother. The Fireface UCX includes iPad support. Here is a snapshot review of the Fireface UCX.

  • Roland Quad Capture Review

    Roland Quad Capture Review - Roland Does the Quad


    Do you want a small sound card with a high quality sound, clever features, a good construction, and an affordable price? If you do, follow me to give Roland's Quad Capture a try. If you need even more, follow me too because Roland has something in store for you.

  • AVID M-Audio Fast Track C600 Review

    AVID M-Audio Fast Track C600 Review - C600 Straight Up


    With connections on the side and on top, the brand new Fast Track C600 breaks with the typical M-Audio rack and half-rack design. Have manufacturers decided to fight their battle based not only on features but also on design ? Yes, indeed.

  • Apogee Duet 2 Review

    Apogee Duet 2 Review - The Duet at its Apogee?


    About four years ago, Apogee launched a digital audio FireWire interface called Duet that offered two analog ins and outs. In the meantime, competitors have brought out some very interesting products, especially RME with its attractive Babyface. The brand with the violet logo couldn't keep its arms crossed so they launched an improved version 2. T…

  • AVID Mbox Pro 3 Review

    AVID Mbox Pro 3 Review - The New Mbox


    AVID, formerly Digidesign, took advantage of last year's re-branding to present the third generation of its digital audio budget interfaces: the Mbox series. Today, we'll give the Mbox Pro a try, the biggest member of the family.