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Thread readThread to be solvedBehringer UM2 - Windy noise problem[Audio Interfaces]0Scoartza207708/17/2016 05:55
by Scoartza
Thread readThread to be solvedS/pdif Synchronization Scarlett 6i6 [2ndgen] - Axe Fx II[Focusrite]1alcyppa212908/15/2016 02:42
by Simon Focusrite
Thread readTascam UA122 and Amplitude Live[Audio Interfaces]0panda23431607/26/2016 16:46
by panda234
Thread readCrackling Scarlett Solo + krk rokit 5[Focusrite Scarlett Solo]1nicnaniby208407/08/2016 08:19
by Simon Focusrite
Thread readNo playback/monitoring at 88.2 or 96kHz[Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56]3justfine99112106/20/2016 02:13
by Simon Focusrite
Thread readdirect monitoring in stereo on focusrite scarlett 2i2???[Focusrite Scarlett 2i2]0Leandrusi76506/10/2016 22:40
by Leandrusi
Thread readThread to be solvedRouting question from a loop artist[Focusrite Saffire Pro 26]0KrokusP72010/17/2015 07:58
by KrokusP
Thread readComments about the review: Keep the IDeas Rolling[Audient iD14]0Red Led95409/08/2015 08:07
by Red Led
Thread readHelp me search my ideal audio interface[Audio Interfaces]5Alden Lee84406/30/2015 08:41
by Mike Levine
Thread readThread to be solvedExternal USB sound card problem on Mac Pro[USB audio interfaces]0ekranoplan72504/24/2015 06:25
by ekranoplan
Thread readWhich USB interface for DAW mixing a live band performance?[External Audio Interfaces]0cupax60904/03/2015 04:15
by cupax
Thread readThread to be solvedShure X2U hiss issues[USB audio interfaces]0fireglo450142103/30/2015 16:03
by fireglo450
Thread readinformation about interface max output[Audio Interfaces]0Faiq Nazir32903/25/2015 13:28
by Faiq Nazir
Thread readLow input levels with Saffire Pro 14[Focusrite Saffire Pro 14]5gabecarter244703/20/2015 11:05
by gabecarter
Thread read18i20 problems roblems problems[Focusrite Scarlett]2tony.h86302/27/2015 07:18
by tony.h
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