gromeul 07/29/2010

IK Multimedia iRig : gromeul's user review

«  Sound good to take with you everywhere! »

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No problem, we plug in the IRIG iPhone (or iPod touch / iPad), guitar and headset (or amplification system) on the IRIG, it opens the application Amplitube and it works!
Not need the manual, it is childish to use but just in case, just press the question mark in the top left of the application and assistance appears.

It works fine on my iPhone (32Go/3GS), no latency even at the highest, it is noted that noise appears occasionally, it seems to come from the 3G signal (or wifi) received by the iPhone, when I cut the network, no worries!
The noise level is actually not very high but quite usable, unlike what some seem to think ...
Namely, the application can not (yet) be used in multitasking with the iPod for example (perhaps in a future update?) But you can download 20 songs in the application to play along, to how the soft version of AmpliTube. on the other hand, can not slow the tempo or change pitch of the song (again, in an update?).
Of +, it does not look too hungry battery.

I've had it a day, tried it yesterday and this morning with the "Free" version of Amplitube, then I bought the full version of the application. The sounds are very good, realistic simulations (do not forget it's an iPhone!) And convincing effects. I'd make a video using the iPhone only to support my point!
Upd 08/2010: Certainly, a murmur is audible, but it is really annoying that the very high loadings, and the Noise filter attenuates (in part) the "default".
Good equipment at cheap, at just over 50 € for all, to play everywhere.

See my video on my page or Youtube on a thread dealing with this product.