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  • How to Filter Out Vuvuzela Noise from FIFA World Cup Games

    How to Filter Out Vuvuzela Noise from FIFA World Cup Ga… - Vuvuzela Killers


    Let's face it, unless you are actually in South Africa attending the World Cup and blowing your very own Vuvuzela, you can't stand the cacophony that's blaring out of your flat screen TV in the form of a thousand swarming mosquitoes. Luckily, a few plugins have been quickly developed to filter out that so so annoying buzzzzzzzz.

  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 Review

    IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 Review - Amplitube to the Power of Three


    IK Multimedia was one of the pioneers in guitar amp simulation software with their famous Amplitube launched in 2002. The Italian company comes back eight years later with the third version of their flagship product. And what's new you ask?

  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Review

    Native Instruments Guitar Rig 4 Review - Guitar Rig 4 Bends Over Backwards 4 U


    Native Instruments' virtual guitar and bass amp comes back for the fourth time with more amp simulations and effects than ever before and a very promising control room section... New functions in an overview.

  • Celemony Melodyne Editor Review

    Celemony Melodyne Editor Review - Melodyne Blew Me Away


    Ever since the creation of the first DAW, no other software has caused so much ink to be spilled and generated such expectations. The Direct Note Access technology, which was introduced by Celemony at Musikmesse 2008, is one of those holy grails no one ever thought to be accessible because it allowed you to edit single notes of a polyphonic audio …

  • EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums

    EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums - EQ and Compression Techniques Pt.2: Drums


    Despite the preponderance of exceptional drum samples and loops on the market, for certain genres of music (notably country and rock) there is no substitute for a great session drummer playing on a well-recorded and mixed drum kit. One thing that samples and loops can’t provide is the great rhythmic instincts an accomplished live player draws upon…

  • Waves Tony Maserati Collection: The Test

    Waves Tony Maserati Collection: The Test - Waves & Maserati - All Revved Up and Ready to Go!...


    The Tony Maserati collection represents a meeting of industry titans. Waves, one of the earliest and most enduring audio plug-ins companies, has made its reputation on quality bundles of their own plug-ins such as the Gold, Platinum and Diamond bundles as well as emulations of some of the most respected names in studio hardware from API to SSL.

  • Universal Audio - Moog Multimode Filter: The Test

    Universal Audio - Moog Multimode Filter: The Test - Moog Multimode Filter: Mojo Filter


    While there is a huge choice of filter effects available on the market today, it could be argued that many of them lack the character and warmth of some of their hardware counterparts and while some claim to capture the sound of vintage hardware, the reality is few have come close. It’s just possible that all this is about to change though, …

  • Software Comparison

    Software Comparison - Time Stretching & Pitch Shifting: Comparison Part I


    OK, here we go! This is the first of our comparative software tests on time-stretching and pitch-shifting. The competitors: 26 Mac and PC programs, from big sequencers to small applications, plug-ins to audio editors

  • The Test of QuikQuak's RaySpace

    The Test of QuikQuak's RaySpace - Reverb Construction Kit


    There’s such a plethora of software reverbs, that an editor who wants to be a cut above the rest has to rely on originality. By allowing you to create any reverberating space you’d like, and to precisely define a vast amount of its sonic characteristics, for a reasonable price, QuikQuak RaySpace is a reverb that has a lot going for it.

  • Speakerphone's test

    Speakerphone's test - Virtual environment?


    Have you ever dreamed of a speaker simulator, that would allow you to integrate any audio file into a totally programmable background environment, from a wood case to an imaginary spatial airport full of transit passengers? If so, Audio Ease has made your dreams come true with Speakerphone. From post-production to music production, a complete revi…