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Audio-Technica news

  • [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica Mic Windshields

    [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica Mic Windshields

    03/25/10 in Audio-Technica Soft-Zep

    Audio-Technica’s new range of microphone windshields for broadcast professionals has its Prolight+Sound / Musikmesse debut in Frankfurt between 24-27 March: the Soft-Zep, Windshield Series and Fur Sock lines.

  • [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica BP892 MicroSet

    [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica BP892 MicroSet

    03/25/10 in Audio-Technica BP892

    Audio-Technica has enhanced its BP892 MicroSet subminiature omnidirectional condenser headworn microphone with the introduction of the AT8464 dual-ear microphone mount.

  • [Musikmesse] AT4080 & AT4081 Certification

    [Musikmesse] AT4080 & AT4081 Certification

    03/25/10 in Audio-Technica AT4080

    Audio-Technica’s first ribbon microphones, the AT4080 and AT4081, have been certified by The Music Engineering and Technology Alliance (METAlliance) following their launch in 2009.

  • Audio-Technica Upgrades the BP892

    Audio-Technica Upgrades the BP892

    03/02/10 in Audio-Technica BP892

    Audio-Technica is enhancing its BP892 MicroSet Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Headworn Microphone with the AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount.

  • Artist Elite 4000 & 5000 Series Update

    Artist Elite 4000 & 5000 Series Update

    02/09/10 in Audio-Technica Artist Elite 5000 Series

    Audio-Technica announced updates to its Elite 4000 Series and 5000 Series UHF Wireless Systems.

  • [NAMM] Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless Microphone

    [NAMM] Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless Microphone

    01/15/10 in Audio-Technica 3000 Series Wireless Microphone

    Audio-Technica announced updates to its 3000 Series Frequency UHF Wireless Systems.

  • (NAMM] Audio-Technica AT4047MP

    (NAMM] Audio-Technica AT4047MP

    01/14/10 in Audio-Technica AT4047MP

    Audio-Technica displays the AT4047MP Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone, developed in direct response to end users requesting a multi-pattern version of A–T's legendary AT4047/SV.

  • [NAMM] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    [NAMM] Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    01/14/10 in Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner

    Audio-Technica debuts its new MCB4 IEM Antenna Combiner at this year's NAMM show.

  • [NAMM] Audio-Technica ATH-M35

    [NAMM] Audio-Technica ATH-M35

    01/15/09 in Audio-Technica ATH-M35

    Audio-Technica introduces the new ATH-M35 Dynamic Stereo Monitor Headphones.

  • Audio-Technica AT8022

    Audio-Technica AT8022

    10/08/08 in Audio-Technica AT8022

    Audio-Technica introduces the AT8022 X/Y Stereo Microphone and the BP4025 X/Y Stereo Field Recording Microphone. Designed for broadcast and professional recording, each offers an innovative coincident capsule configuration that allows for a smaller housing while producing a stereo image.