Tech 21 VT Bass
Tech 21 VT Bass

VT Bass, Bass Amp Simulator from Tech 21 in the Character Series series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Tech 21 VT Bass

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Infrabassman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Sound quality but ..."

Tech 21 VT Bass
Everything is already said before

High quality manufacturing


Super simple to pick up


Its really very good and versatile


The only problem I find with this pedal, the gain is too high ... Let me explain.

I use two basses, one passive and one active - with very different output gain.

Quelquesoit bass that I use, I am almost forced to at least the Level, failing to play at high volume ... Then I adjust the amp but also finds himself almost to a minimum!

I find the output level too high ... weird but I'm not the only one to say.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
What are the effects or types of effects available? What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI) Is this a rack or rack MODEL? * Prampli vritable, I use it between my passive bass and an amplifier, which drives a conventional tower hughesKettner 115 - 410. The only mono output should be the driver for DDouble 2 channel power amp, but the output level is in any case insufficient so supplmentaire interface is needed. Analog, and like any SansAmp contains a compressor which eliminates the worry of overload.


Configuration gnrale Is it easy? The edition sounds and effects is it easy? The manual is clear and sufficient? ... This is a fabulous machine, with its immense possibilities and quality of its unstoppable, trs musical. Easy to find an appropriate sound but also easy to get lost as the controls are ractifs. I use a 5 string fretless passive, and its clear that I was always looking for the lot of grain, flexibility but at the same time and prcis puncher, a hairy growth under the fingers. And prcis! It starts really from the hip, so it is likely that more just playing with this prampli, it is certainly my impression, more comfortable every time. For the normal precision bass slap, trs is also good but the gaffe was sharp piercing ... And the crunch typical ampeg you say? Ben DSOL but for me the bass is clean and its place in the mix, do not bother to add the scratch distortionnent enough as a short, I know.


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? Which instruments do you use? What are those you prfrez, you dtest? * Trs good, and versatile. Note that the pedals do not consume anything (more than one hundred hours on alkaline battery correctly), always practical. I like the pure prampli add minicom bbert, a stone three times: Stereo output for the power amp (the box 115 and right 410 left, trs sly for rgler Rapidos), adaptation level ten to four db (this standard), and compressor damn well if the mood arises. I found what I was looking for a long time with this setup very simple and economical.


How long you use it and what is the particular feature you like best and least? Have you tried many other models before acqurir? How do you report qualitprix ? With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... Few months, finished the meet galre trs. I compare with the fender bassman 100 and 150 (on the same tower to be exact), more tests with various bbert, well there is no comparison as ridiculous. Markbass had a pretty boots but even when too mtallique not to mention the price. To be perfect this vtbass should provide two outputs plus a switch-level, which would direct driver amplifiers standard. 180 euros archement dpenss well!

MJ: I was tired of lugging more transformer level amplifier power amp, so I took a head Hartke LH500 (4 buttons, a cable for power supply and basta) ...
Since there is the deluxe version with 3 programs and apparently more output level, see So even if the price is carrment above.
I use the Submitted vt bass home, in between the in my Vox DA5 (customs with a sturdy 8 inches) and all pulvrise all amps work I know! In this case the vt bass is perfect, so I'm a happy customer trs!

moixjj's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 VT Bass
Pedal that can both serve as preamp or / and effects pedal. It seems the good old analog circuit and it takes the SansAmp that made the reputation of the mark. Connectivity is standard (in / out ... you should be fine right?). To be placed either before the amp or the effects loop. Using it as a preamp, I put my head before pourrave Warwick, I cut the preamp of the amp (you follow me) and I use to color my sound corny.
It must follow a Ampeg SVT but then forgetting right away and take what is good in what comes out of the contraption because it's very good. This is not a new gadget to modeling (beurk!).


The config is simple (3-band EQ, level, character and drive) and can have fun with the possibilities. When you fall on the sound can not touch anything and that's it. Sounds.


Ideal for rescuing an old ruin amp, giving grain to the transistors or thicken the sound of your amp cool stuff without resorting to ugly style ODB-3 that make the slurry. Owl box also as direct connection, despite the limited ... and we do not screw up the back with a three-body when recording. Also useful when you want to go directly to the PA for a small concert, even large rock.


I bought the states a month ago. It's a nice tool very similar to the SansAmp Classic that I use with a group of stoner. Plus: 3-band equalizer and the ability to play with the controls and drive caracter to refine the input overdrive. However I find the sound of the classic SansAmp fatter. The VT Bass is used for projects more classic rock. The amp is connected to which these two pedals is important to try. The two are complementary, but can not play along because the level of output and 3 times higher on the VT Bass. Anyway, again, I would do the same choice for the good old rock as you love so well, bassist friend.