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Bass Compressors/Limiters news

  • [NAMM] Daring Audio Phat Beam

    [NAMM] Daring Audio Phat Beam

    01/09/11 in Daring Audio Phat Beam

    Daring Audio's Phat Beam is a Bass Compressor with Sideband Shape Control.

  • DDyna Music Company BASS10 Compressor

    DDyna Music Company BASS10 Compressor

    07/09/10 in DDyna Music Company BASS10 Compressor

    This device features EQ, compression and switchable overdrive in a double wide die-cast box for bass and guitar players alike.

  • Diamond Pedals Bass Comp

    Diamond Pedals Bass Comp

    12/22/09 in Diamond Pedals Bass Compressor

    Diamond Pedals announced the availability of the Bass Comp pedal, a new tool for bassists.

  • [Musikmesse] Taurus Amps Effects

    [Musikmesse] Taurus Amps Effects

    04/05/09 in Box Electronics Taurus Tux Pilichowski Signature

    Taurus Amps, the "bass" division of Polish manufacturer Box Electronics, has introduced its effects line for bass players.