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Bass Effects user reviews

  • Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass

    Ibanez SB7 Synthesizer Bass - manuk's review


    Auto-wah synth mode two Analog Pottards 4 and 2 switches power supply in and out Metal pedals UTILIZATION Simple We must seek to find rglages volume dclenchement desu filter and then it's heaven Manuel sufficient SOUND QUALITY I u…

  • Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet

    Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet - jukap's review


    Well, I made you small examples qq, do not blame me for the loaves and the game, it's quick, and I have not yet assimilated the intonations of the pedals, so the rglages / game are still pretty rough. It should still give you same ide ... In short…

  • Zoom BFX-708

    Zoom BFX-708 - gozguitar's review


    Well then ... It has almost all the classic effects that can be found on this type of multi-effects: Wah, octave whammy, distortion, phaser, flanger, delay ... There is plenty to do. Emulation cheap, it is not in the "Line 6" nor the "COSM" but…

  • Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Nano

    Electro-Harmonix BassBalls Nano - Vbass's review


    This is the "modern" version of the bass balls. EHX has called a twin filter envelopes, which looks like an auto-wah couple with a flanger all with a filter and a distortion if you want. UTILIZATION Like other pedals of nano SERIES: switch on / o…

  • EBS MultiComp

    EBS MultiComp - MetallicRiffer's review


    Compressor pedals analog format. By far the case is against indestructible, as the switch is shit, I had to change his APRS just having the pedals! As pulvonium, I find the battery and the CASC rglage unworthy of a trimpot pedals of this price an…

  • DigiTech Bass Synth Wah

    DigiTech Bass Synth Wah - joelatouf's review


    This is a full-pedals with filters, and self-wha ... numrique it's ... I like the not too numrique. I think it's still a bit cold. branch is the instrument of a ct and comes out the other ... Compared the SYB-5 lacks the expression pedals. …

  • Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700

    Behringer Bass Graphic Equalizer BEQ700 - malakian76's review


    Its a good ba equalizer and it does what is asked. UTILIZATION Easy to take charge (we deplore the presence of a latch to block a 0) SOUND QUALITY Legalization is convincing if I am very contentious. ^ ^ I the User with my Ibanez and I say th…

  • Boss GT-6B

    Boss GT-6B - vinie31's review


    See the website ROLAND France. Multi effect pedals. Prédalier the only gripe is not editable by PC ... difficult to move banks or sound effects or names. 100% digital effect with defects (digitization of sound) and benefits (100% editable). UTI…

  • Maxon BD-01 Bass Driver

    Maxon BD-01 Bass Driver - Lonewolf's review


    We are dealing here with a Tube Screamer derivative adapted to the low (normal, we are Maxon home in the 80's). The format of the case is the same as the effects produced by Fender Maxon at that time. Connectivity is basic level, In, Out and bar…

  • EBS OctaBass

    EBS OctaBass - chifstyle's review


    Infrieur an octave. Three DIFFERENT mode (low - medium-high). UTILIZATION Trs simple. It turns the pots and it works. SOUND QUALITY Beautiful analog sound. With three modes, it adapts easily to the grain of any instrument (bass or low for me)…

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