Eden Bass Amplification WT-500 Highwayman
Eden Bass Amplification WT-500 Highwayman
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GuillaumeF 08/12/2004

Eden Bass Amplification WT-500 Highwayman : GuillaumeF's user review


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2 * 300 W amplifier (bridgeable 600W) transistor preamp with tube. Full connectivity with 6.35 input jack, stereo FX loop, XLR DI output and volume dedicated post preamp output jack in systétrique, 4 speaker outputs and a headphone output.
We have a règlagle gain, a -12 DB swith to active low, a knob of "enhancer" that colors the sound more or less, a parametric EQ 5-band (-15 / +15 db HRZ to 30, -15 / +15 db 30 to 300 HRZ HRZ, -15 / +15 db to 2000 200 HRZ HRZ, -15 / +15 db 1200 to 12000 HRZ HRZ, -15 / +15 db at 12000 HRZ) , compressor / limiter, master, balance L / R. The model is rare and WT500 WT600 compared to, it lacks only a crossover to separate amplifaction bass / treble. Power is generous, but even a 2 * 400 2 * 500 W have been better I think. For that, you must type at least in the WT800. Still it deserves a 10.


It's easy as pie and we obtain immediately the desired sound. The manual is almost non-existent and very little detail. I do not put a 9 because the manual.


I play funk, rock, jazz, with an Ibanez 4 string active SR3000E prestige. I do not play with any other purpose. I still think soon add a small compressor DBX 160A as an insert, just to better manage the compression - it is symbolic of the amp. I get any sound imaginable. Well, we can not really do saturate the gain, but it's not the type of sound I'm looking for. Anyway, I hear my bass and nothing else. It's incredibly clear and powerful. Top! So 10 out of 10.


A super beautiful beast that has its price, but that ringing, rings, rings! If I had to change it would be for the model above the WT1000 to offer me 2 * 500W, but otherwise I would keep forever. All in all a 10.