Markbass CMD 102P
Markbass CMD 102P

CMD 102P, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Markbass in the CMD series.

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All user reviews of 1/5 for the Markbass CMD 102P

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 10 reviews )
 5 reviews50 %
 3 reviews30 %
 2 reviews20 %
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PbassPod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Failure to twitter, service non existent!"

Markbass CMD 102P
Characteristics are known, transistor amp, 300w / 8 ohms for about 20 kg, two 10-inch speakers. Power to weight ratio very attractive!


Simple and effective equalization, manual not very detailed and exclusively in English. But now, the first day that I receive, my bass is not even plugged on, I turn it on, the fan starts up, HP and snap ... and a great blast from the twitter!
I say, no bowl, factory default, I their referrals. No news for 1 ½ months. Then I get an email like what my product is waiting for me at the store, I go home with, I plug and ... Exactly the same! It's good from the firm whose slogan is "Bass at its Best!"
Yet I have not plugged my bass, not plugged my stuff, I tried to change the outlet, always the same ...


Well I still tried to connect my bass over to see what was in the belly. I must admit that the equalizer is very effective, both VPE and VPF knobs allow a wide variety of sound, it is slap, fingers or a pick. But good for the price I was expecting a perfect amp.


I turned to Markbass because I played several occasion on several of their products and you would understand I am very disappointed. The disappointment is all the greater because I saved a whole year to pay me and I waited with great anticipation.

Grenouillère's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" "Yes !!"... But NO!"

Markbass CMD 102P
Characteristics are known (see below avir ...)
This is a combo of 19/20 kgs of 300 W / 8 ohms and 500 W into 4 ohms.
It is equipped with two 10 HP. "Transistor amplifier. There are settings, but I will come back later! It seems at full connection.


For configuration, it is more plug and play. Manual: ever had. Tested beef only. It is for this similar to lots of other combos bass!

Does it get good sound? So it's hard to say! But after I talk!


So I tried it for two hours as part of a "beef" tested with a jazz bass and a G & L US (active).

My verdict was clear: "What the hell ??!!". In fact two back Hauris before. Before I had an idea of ​​Markbass gear as very good (expensive too) but the quality and weight / power ratio unbeatable. And in a beef, bassist had this combo. I thought: "Cool, I'll see what it's worth".

After two hours, I quickly became disenchanted! Sound course "Péchu" (we feel that there is power behind ...). But that's it! With my jazz or a G & L had its "soft", not defined, very rough ... It seemed that there was a boom ... boom bcp but no definition of mids and highs! I first started with the G & L bass that was the guy: the active electronics of its low going pretty good. While I thought the sound was a little rough or bcp. Fan and his own set, I thought it must have its régages? And at a time I plug my JB! And knowing my bass, I did not recognize her! A dull sound, totally undefined! It seemed they had put in my bass subwoofer (sub) asset! Very deaf ... Yet with 2 X 10 "... so I tried to solve the equation ... and even lowering the bass, treble increasing ... No way! Always this impression of" draft "sound. ..

Filters?! Well I must say (it personal) the sound is not processed. It looks like the color COUTOUR and other amps. So nothing special!

I admit that sounds like "powerful" low ... But set! While there was really this feeling of something heavy, indigestible ...** I say after the fact, which must be an active bass with a large output level to have really good sound ... But with a low passive: Ouch!


I have tested it once! Well I would not buy Markbass (some have to say I'm crazy ??!!). No! I do not like it at all ... For info, or try Genz Benz Aguilar! And after we'll talk!

The pros: weight (to 500 w and bluffing is very nice to have a combo of 19 kgs). / Colour: I confess that this yellow / black is a very nice effect ... While it looks very solid and well finished.

The -: The sound (I do not consider that this combo, having a box 12 "from the same brand that I loved ...) which seems really missed something in my taste! / The lack of definition (bis )! / The price (when the guy told me he had bought € 1300!) / Try adding a box to see if it comes out a sound "correct".

No offense to the fans ... About this product (I said that I tested!) I find it overpriced! I think the brand plays on side "with all our equipment is perfect." No, I do not believe in perfection! Markbass is probably very good product, but there! Manufacturing air-serious, high quality materials ... But for the rest! Sound "insculpta" VLE and VLF effects that serve little point I think. In short, a product for those who can afford it and want to say "I have the Markbass guys !"... A bit like the driver that says "I guys I have a Porsche".

I would not buy it, and of course I recommend trying other brands: Genz Benz, Trace Elliot, Aguilar.