Ampeg SVT-410HLF
Ampeg SVT-410HLF

SVT-410HLF, Bass Guitar Speaker from Ampeg in the Classic series.

manu286 02/19/2014

Ampeg SVT-410HLF : manu286's user review

«  Excellent material »

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Value For Money : Poor
I bought it for his ampeg. I played on fender precision and strings ernie ball, mediator, I missed the sound Ampeg for a pure sound of British pop. I used it at home and in rehearsal, unfortunately never live because my group does not follow me to the scene (injury). Used with a little head mark 2 in markbass. Also tested with a Ampeg B2RE.
What strikes immediately with this box is its finish. Nothing to complain about the above. The wheels are excellent and the iron bar to direct even the raise trust. At first I thought these gadget accessories since I used a carriage 15 € to transport my 4x10 "Ashdown but the use is very convenient, with the vibrations of the bearing, the housing does not fall continuously unlike before. Very well thought out.
In contrast, the sky could have been stronger. In doing back in 106, he rapped and easily torn. So to provide cover to make it fit in the trunk of a small car.


Already talking with markbass. The frequency curve is not balanced. There is a glaring lack of treble. The Ampeg heads accentuate the high frequencies and the sub bass. The markbas being neutral, we must correct the equa and loses some typical sounds ampeg. However, strong performance, the box 1/4 500watts head allows a good rehearsal and half our breath drummer friend in the back of the room. I note in passing that many artists prefer to tour their currently 410 HLF that the 810 too large. Power issue, there are more than enough. Able to adjust the volume of the tweeter is a treat for high volume, it really pierces the eardrums, it is good to fall. In contrast to low volume, make background brings more clarity. On low, they stir the stomach at high volume. Nothing like a classic 410. But then there's really nothing to see.
With B2RE head. The sound is less warm or dry. Very average dynamics. I even found the sound rather ugly one. however, it pierces into the mix in a very nice way and repetition leaves more room for other instruments while being hear. Positive opinion in the end, we have our grain while leaving space for the other musicians.


I've used it 3 years and sold roughly the price I bought it. This is very good material, well thought out. The price is high especially compared to ashdown which is almost the same product for 1/3 less expensive but it is the condition for the Ampeg sound.
So question: why did I sell? As I know I would not do on stage, or even more anecdotally, I went to the studio equipment and especially the Tech21 VT Bass pedal. I found the flexible analog and what is more Ampeg grain. This is good stuff I recommend. I would venture to say that if you have a sound quality for vocals, buy this pedal and plug on you. Better a great pedal to 200 € on the RCF or yorkville a Ampeg than 500th (because prices hp, amp, preamp etc ...) This is a little rules 80/20. It has 80% of its ampeg and the remaining 20%, it takes a true Ampeg and not the first prize huh. For large concerts, it is possible to rent a svt-2-pro or other HLF on a 410 or 810. An Ampeg tube is like a big capricious, it must be really patient to heat and make it scream. In short, it's boring and it weighs a dead donkey, the reverse of the medal.
So: box for performing, rehearsal just for fun and that's all. This model is probably the smart thing to do for the above purpose choice. It's heavy but extremely enjoyable when pushed. To meditate before purchase because simulations are now bluffing (including analog). Use only with a head Ampeg for a curve without appreciable frequency EQ too.