Eden Bass Amplification D410XLT

D410XLT, Bass Guitar Speaker from Eden Bass Amplification in the D series.

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GuillaumeF 03/19/2005

Eden Bass Amplification D410XLT : GuillaumeF's user review


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It is a 4 * 10 speaker, 700 Watts into 8 ohms. MODEL is the boost that descends below the D-410 standard. I use it with an EDEN WT500 (2 * 300 W amplifier bridgeable to 600 W). I bought them all - c'tait a bundle. I was looking for a 4 * 10 (* 15 in 1) for a good Ractive / fast with a good potato, and a surcrot neutrality of the sound to hear my bass. IDAL C'tait the candidate. I'm not playing with no effect: bass -> amp -> 4 * 10. I put 10 because it's exactly what I wanted.


The sound is absolutely excellent. It is neutral, ca Ragit incredibly well to the slightest change of legalization. The rponse in acute is good (it's not aggressive at all) and low down the rev down to 10 '. Trs is deep (it's almost a cube), giving a fantastic base for low frequencies. It is also quick slap trs. A real rgal. I put 10 because it really happiness.


I've had about 6 months. I use it once a week rptition. I love the sound and - most secondary - the look. The weight is acceptable for its size, but it may be a little cumbersome. The quality is paying dearly, but there is no real alternative for fun. J'tais delighted that the bassist was playing on the MODEL Santana at the Montreux Festival this year (with a double amplification based on WT550 I think) and I have no intention of 'change. I will definitely take a deuxime same! 10 because it's so beautiful trs gear.

APRS year UPDATE: I just take one because deuxime j'tais a little lightweight ct of other musicians. Well it's really extraordinary that the ball have a pair of derrire SERIES Cole WT500. The sound has grown much more standard and filled the room with a simple power amp scabies. Run to buy it!